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3 Cute and Easy Half Up Hairstyles For School!

3 cute and easy half up hairstyles for #backtoschool

Since many of you will be going back to school soon, we wanted to share some cute and easy hairstyles for busy school mornings. Each of these styles are simple and heatless half up half down hairstyles that would be great for girls and teens of all ages (elementary, middle school, junior high, high school, and college!)

3 Cute and Easy Half Up Hairstyles For School, Video Tutorials:  Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

The first hairstyle in this series is a very simple half up knot that literally takes 1 minute to complete. Great for those mornings when you have no time for hair! We have added an elastic at the base of the knot to ensure that the hairstyle will stay secure throughout the day.

Half up hair knot hairstyle. Video instructions.

Hairstyle #2 is a pretty braided half up style with elastic accents and feathered strands. So beautiful but surprisingly easy! This style would be great for special occasions and formal events as well as regular school days. 

Pretty braided half up hairstyle. Easy video tutorial.

This 3rd hairstyle is another half up style using connected knots to form a diamond shape. I think this one is so fun and unique.

Knotted hairstyle tutorial.

Hope you enjoyed these quick and easy hairstyle ideas!
When do you go back to school?

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