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Welcome to "Princess Hairstyles," we're glad you stopped by!

Do you have: Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Hairstyle Ideas or Requests? Want to Advertise? Maybe you like to forward on chain mail and spam! ;) Whatever it is, you can find us here:

princesshairstyles at gmail dot com

We love to hear from our readers! We are actually a normal family though and have more going on than just hairstyling and blogging. (Shocking I know.) So, unfortunately I don't have time to reply to every email we receive. Just finding the time to post a new hairstyle once in a while is quite a task! We're not ignoring you though. My daughter and I do eventually READ every email that comes in and lots of times hearing what you have to say makes our whole day (even if I'm rude and don't reply!)

We also love seeing pictures of hairstyles YOU have done. Feel free to send in your hairstyling photos. Or better yet, post them on our facebook page for all to see!

Happy Hairdoing!!

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