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2 Adorable Hairstyles Using The Bow Tie Braid

2 video hair tutorials using the bow tie braid.

For today's hair tutorial we are sharing 2 of our favorite hairstyle ideas using the "bow tie braid." 

If you are a long time subscriber, you may remember seeing these styles on our blog in the past! We thought they were too cute not to surface them again.

2 Bow Tie Braid Hairstyles, Video Tutorials: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

The bow tie braid is so pretty and unique and could be used to create so many different hairstyles and looks! You could use this basic idea to accent updos, half ups, down hairstyles, ponytails, and more. Depending on how you use this braid, it could work for formal events or every day occasions.... from prom, to work, or school.

Bow tie braid ponytail. Hair tutorial.

Adorable bow tie braid hairstyle, video tutorial

Tips and tricks:
  • Using the same number of strands on each side of the braid as you gather them into the elastic and take them back out will help to keep things looking symmetrical. 
  • I would also recommend using hair product on each individual strand to help control flyaways. 
  • Taking small sections as you create your lace braids on each side of the bows will make things look neater and better.

Spiral Twist Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial

Spiral twist fishtail braid video tutorial

Our hair tutorial today shows how to create a pretty "spiral twist fishtail braid" ponytail hairstyle.  

This braid is very simple to create, but will leave people wondering how you did it!  We love that this braid gives sort of a 3D illusion.  It is hard to tell where the braid starts and where it ends... with a fishtail running along the top, as well as twisting along each side of the braid, and crossing over the front.  So fun!

Spiral Twist Fishtail Braid Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

As shown in our video above, strategic stretching along the edges of the braid really makes this style pop.  Also, it is optional but placing a few bobby pins to hold the braids together as we did will help create the illusion of it being one braid instead of 2.

Spiral twist fishtail braid ponytail hairstyle tutorial

This ponytail style will work best with long and medium length hair.  Big, loose, messy, and disheveled braids are trending right now. So feel free to stretch, fluff, loosen and twist to your hearts content!

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 1 medium size hair tie for the top of the ponytail
  • 2 temporary hair ties or clips for the ends of the braids
  • 1 medium size hair elastic for the end of the braid
  • Several bobby pins (optional)
  • Hair product to help prevent flyaways

If you love fishtail braids as much as we do, check out a few more of our favorite hairstyles using fishtails:


 Double fishtail stitched braid

Twisted edge fishtail braid

Prom Hair Tutorial, Dress and Shoes!

Gorgeous prom updo hairstyle tutorial and prom dress.

GRWM Prom! Come join us as she gets ready for her first Prom. 

Hey guys! A few weeks ago my daughter went to the Prom at her High School. We filmed as she got her Prom hairstyle done, showing step by step how to recreate it in a tutorial for you. She chose to wear a pretty updo with braids and twists and a sparkly headband as an accessory.

Easy Prom Hairstyle Tutorial:  

(Click here to watch the tutorial directly on YouTube.)

This updo is great for long hair, but would also work for shorter hair.  The buns could be easily adjusted for the length of hair you are working with.  We love this updo because it looks fancy and gorgeous but is fairly quick and easy, and requires no heat or pre curling of her hair (except for the optional pieces we left out framing her face.)

She went with a natural makeup look (which her aunt helped her with) a statement necklace, and minimal earrings.  As you can see in our video, her dress was a modest vintage style and very princess like!  We made a video a few weeks ago showing how to lace up this dress, which is a lovely corset back.

The dress was long enough that no one could see her shoes anyway, so she decided to go with the trend of Converse comfort!  Best decision ever for the dance and for fun.

Hope you enjoyed a peek at her first Jr Prom!

How To Wrap Hair Around A Ponytail

Hair wrapped ponytail using no bobby pins or extra elastics!

 Hair Wrapped Ponytail - Fool Proof Method

 A useful hair hack!  Today's hair tutorial shows how to hide your hair tie by wrapping hair around it, the easy way.  This classic hair trick uses no bobby pins, extra elastics, or special hair tools (such as a topsy tail, clips, bungees, etc.)  We call this the "fool proof" or no fail method because it works for us every time and is super easy and quick.

How To Hide A Hair Tie By Wrapping Hair Around It - Video Tutorial 

(Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Tips and tricks for getting the perfect hair wrapped ponytail:

1. The strand of hair you are using to wrap around the top needs to be not too thick and not too thin.  If you are having trouble, you might need to add some hair to your strand, or take some out.

2. When initially making the ponytail, make sure your hair tie is tight enough to hold the ponytail in place, but not too tight so that you can't get your fingers through or pull the hair through it.

3. Use our video as a guide showing the points of reference and the direction the hair should be going.  IE grabbing the strand from underneath the ponytail, wrapping the hair completely one time, pulling the hair back over in the opposite direction, etc.  These steps are very simple, but if you don't follow them exactly, it may not work.

4.  If you want the wrapped hair to stay sleek and clean looking, use hair product before you start to help control flyaways.

How to hide a hair tie with your own hair. Super easy video tutorial.

How to wrap hair around a ponytail, fool proof easy method.

This simple ponytail look can be used for almost any occasion, from the most casual (school days, the beach, working out, shopping, etc) to the most formal or fancy. We've even seen girls wear a sleek hair wrapped ponytail to the Prom or for their wedding!  This is probably the most timeless, popular, universal, and loved hairstyle of all time.

How To Lace A Corset Back Dress For Prom Or Wedding

How to lace a corset back dress, video tutorial.

Today we are showing how to tie or lace up a corset gown.  Who knew it could be so complicated?  ;)  The technique shown in our video (below) will keep all of the ribbons coming in the same way for a neater look (instead of criss crossing every which way.)  We also show how to tighten up the corset, starting at the top of the dress and working your way down.

 How To Lace A Corset Dress Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Depending on the thickness and texture of your ribbon, along with the size of the dress (and person wearing it) the corset will look a little different each time.  The great thing about this type of dress is that it can fit a range of sizes. Also, you can tighten or loosen the corset where you need to for a custom fit for your body.  I would recommend tightening enough that the dress feels snug, but not so tight that you are unable to breathe or move comfortably. You want to be able to sit and dance in the dress! 

She'll be going to her first Prom in a couple weeks!  She's 16 and a Sophomore this year.  We're not sure how much time she will have to get ready between her day date and the actual prom.  But, if she has time, we will film her prom look on the day she goes to the dance, showing her dress, shoes, jewelry, and hair for an upcoming video!

Let us know in the comments:  Have you been to a Prom?  What did your dress look like?

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