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3 Back To School Hairstyles 2019

It's back to school season and we are excited to share 3 of our favorite quick and easy DIY hairstyles that would be perfect for busy school mornings!  

3 cute and easy hairstyles for back to school

 These are all "no heat" hairstyles and could work for elementary through high school students.

Video Hair Tutorial: (Click here to watch these easy braids directly on YouTube.

The first hairstyle in our 2019 compilation series is called "gathered braids." This simple hairstyle consists of 3 regular braids banded together to form a cute half up hairstyle.  Just a little something extra instead of the same old one braid half up!

Easy gathered braids half up hairstyle tutorial

Our next hairstyle is called the "palm tree bubble braid." This fun style looks a lot more difficult than it actually is.  All that is required are a few mini elastics and the ability to make some regular 3 strand braids! My daughter wears this style quite often as a half up (as shown) and also utilized with a full ponytail.

Adorable hairstyle for school. Palm tree bubble braid.

The 3rd hairstyle in our video tutorial today is the "interlocking floating bubble braid." This technique can be used to create so many amazing hairstyles and just looks so cool.  Definitely an attention grabber!

Easy video hair tutorial. Interlocking bubble braid.

 Supplies needed to recreate these easy hairstyles:

  •  Small hair elastics.  (The amount will depend on the hairstyle you are creating as well as the length of hair you are working with.
  • Hairspray, gel, wax, or other hair product to help prevent flyaways.
  • The ability to make a basic 3 strand braid.  (For all 3 styles.)
  • Medium length or long hair.
Hope you enjoyed all of these cute braids and are having a great summer!  When does school start back up again where you live?

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