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Bandables Twisty Braids Headband Review and Tutorial

Bandables twisty braids headband review and tutorial

Today we are testing the "bandables twisty braids headband" by Localoc.  We saw this at our local Walmart and thought it looked cute and fun to try.

We are always looking for easy hairstyles for school mornings and thought it would be perfect for those days when you need a 5 minute hairstyle. (Which is pretty much every school morning at our house!) 

This would also be a great accessory for 2nd or 3rd day hair, to help disguise when it's looking slightly greasy. For those of you who are growing out your bangs, this would be fabulous as well!

Review and Tutorial Video: (Click here to watch this hairstyle video directly on YouTube.)

We liked that the little hair elastics on this headband held her hair back quite tightly without pulling or clamping her hair.  We've tried similar options in the past (with barrettes or clips attached to the headband) and it seems like you need exactly the right amount of hair to make those work. We've had trouble with the hair being too thick to clip the barrettes shut, or the hair being too thin and sliding right out.  So, the elastics are a great option that will accommodate all different hair textures and thickness.

There are many different hairstyles that can be created using this headband.  We have shown just a few basic ideas in this video: 

A half up twist.

Cute and easy half up hairstyle for school using twisty braids headband.
 A ponytail.

Easy 5 minute ponytail hairstyle for school with twisty braids headband.

If you play sports, I think this would be a nice option for keeping your hair out of your face.  You could add a ponytail, bun, or braid and be ready to go.

I think this would look really cute with curled, wavy, or crimped hair as well as straight.  This would also be perfect for short hair, as well as long. So fun!

We unfortunately were not able to find this available to purchase online yet... I think it is too new.  Here are some similar headbands on Amazon, but none with the elastics yet:

Headband 1, Headband 2, Headband 3. You might have better luck finding this at your local drugstore or retailer.

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