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4 Easy Headband Hairstyles For School In 5 Minutes

Cute, no-heat headband hairstyles for every day wear! 

4 back to school hairstyles using headbands.

Hey guys! We are always looking for simple and quick hairstyles for school mornings and thought these headband styles from our YouTube channel would be perfect for back to school season. These "5 minute hairstyles" are all super easy but still look fashionable, even though they take very little effort!  The headbands add a stylish finishing touch and of course can be changed up and matched to your outfit of the day.

4 Simple Headband Hairstyles Video Tutorials:

(Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Hair tutorial #1 features a classic twist on each side of her head, finishing in a low fishtail braid.

Adorable headband hairstyle with fishtail braid

Hairstyle #2 is a trendy half up hairstyle with extra micro braids wrapping around the headband. We used a silver braided headband and placed it high on her forehead.

Quick and easy half up hairstyle using a headband

Hairstyle #3
is the easiest of all! A fancy side ponytail with a twist wrapping around the back.

Easiest hairstyle for school. Side ponytail and headband.

Hairstyle #4 features a pretty beaded headband placed between 2 small braids. We created no heat waves by sleeping in braids overnight to complete this look.

Boho braids and beaded headband hairstyle. Video tutorial.

All four of these hairstyles can be done with straight hair, wavy hair, or curly hair. Medium length hair or long hair will work best.

Link for the Topsy tail (affiliate) as shown in hairstyle tutorial #2

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