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Interlocking Floating Bubble Braid Hairstyle

Interlocking floating bubble braid video tutorial

Our hairstyle tutorial this week is partially inspired by a braid we saw on Instagram by @pr3ttygirl79 We took the original "floating bubble braid" and tried interlocking a second braid for a fun and different variation.  We love the intricate "swirly" design that was formed when the 2 braids came together.  So pretty!

This would be a cute back to school hairstyle for girls or teens.  If you prefer wearing your hair up for school, you could try making this braid in a ponytail, or you could pull all of her hair into a low bun, ponytail, or braid (after making the accent braids on top like we did.)

We love that this hairstyle looks unique, but is still super easy and fairly quick to create!

Interlocking Floating Bubble Braid Hairstyle, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Interlocking floating #bubblebraid #hairstyle tutorial

As mentioned in our video, if you would rather stick with one braid, it looks adorable alone! Here, we have wrapped a "floating bubble braid" around her head forming a crown braid look.

Crown braid hairstyle, floating bubble braid tutorial

And, an example of the style with a single accent braid.  So many different hairstyles could be made using this basic concept, the possibilities are endless!

Adorable accent braid, the floating bubble braid (video tutorial)

Supplies needed to recreate this braid:
  • Several small hair elastics (the amount will depend on hair length.) 
  • Pomade, gel (or other product) to help control flyaways.

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