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Side Swept French Braid Flower Hairstyle

Diagonal French Braid With A Cute Flower Accent!

Side Swept French Braided Flower Hairstyle Tutorial

Quite often the Princess will wear a diagonal French Braid (or Dutch Braid) swept across the back of her head, connected to a braid on the other side (ending in a side ponytail, bun, or braid.)  We have found this "go to hairstyle" great for most occasions (including dance, gymnastics, and other sports, since it is quick and holds her hair in place well.) 

For something a little different, we decided to take this classic style and add a feminine touch! We are both loving this look with an added braid rosette.  This cute hairstyle really doesn't take much longer than the standard 2 braid version, but looks so pretty and unique with an added rose!

Diagonal French Braid With Braided Rose

We've kind of been on a hair flower kick at our house lately. We just love these braided flowers, especially for spring and summer hairstyles!  If you love this look as much a we do, feel free to check out a few styles using flowers made from hair we have done in the past: The Braided Flower Updo, Half Up Rosette Buns and the Winding Lace Braid With Rosette Accent. I think adding a rosette to any style gives it sort of a vintage, romantic look.

Textured and "messy" looking hairstyles are very trendy right now.  For a more textured looking flower, the outside strands of the braid can be stretched before you pin the flower up.  We chose not to do that this time, but our "braided flower updo" (linked above) shows this technique if you prefer a more disheveled looking flower. This style can also be done on wavy or curly hair for a more textured or beachy look.

Side Swept French Braid With Flower Video Tutorial

Supplies needed:
  • 2 small elastics (preferably clear or matched to your hair color)
  • several bobby pins
  • comb or brush
  • temporary hair tie or clip for keeping the hair you aren't braiding out of your way

Side Swept French Braid Flower Video Tutorial:

We chose French braids this time, but of course, you could use Dutch Braids if you prefer (or any other kind of braid for that matter!) As long as you know how to French braid, this style is actually quite easy and quick.

*Bobby Pinning Tips:

We have had a few emails from some of you who have had problems with bobby pins while trying to pin your flowers.  I think the main thing to consider is that quality really does make a difference when you are choosing your pins.  I am a frugal person and will skimp on most things, but when it comes to bobby pins, I am willing to pay a little more.  We purchase ours at "Sally Beauty Supply" and the ones we buy come in a little tin case (I believe the brand is actually Sally Beauty Supply's own.)  They have standard size pins and miniature pins.  We use the miniature ones most often.  I have noticed that if we buy "good quality" bobby pins, they will last for a long time and hold the hair tighter.  The cheapy ones seem to only be good for one use, and will come out easily.  Also, I have found that most of the time if I am having trouble pinning something, it is because I am trying to pin too much hair at once.  You really don't need to pin down very much hair at all for things to hold, and usually just a small piece at the edge of whatever you are tacking down will work great.  Crossing one pin over another is also a "trick" to help lock things into place.  Hope that helps!

Hope you enjoyed yet another braided hairstyle!  Feel free to share it by using the buttons below.  ;)

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  1. Super tutorial. Princess your hair and your outfit (clothing), look so awesome.
    I like your daughter and here hair and here outfit (clothing). The end of the videos where you could exercise, Princess I don't day that you are so supple. I find it a pity that you don't show your history. Have but miracles fine clothes and always got great Haar.Mach way to go! I love you. Since I know the only ones in the world make her such great hair tutorials. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you! <3

  2. I LOVE this!! Can't wait until my little girl has long enough hair for me to try this on her!!

  3. Questa acconciatura รจ veramente fantastica!!! Super complimenti. Grazie per le spiegazioni. Inoltre ha una ragazzina veramente graziosa. Grazie ancora Rosy


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