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Tucked Fishtail Braids Updo Hairstyle

An Elegant And Simple Updo

Braided Updo Video Tutorial

If you are looking for an easy updo for an upcoming formal event, this style would be great.  No french braiding or anything too complicated is involved here.  We love the vintage / old fashioned look of these "tucked braids."

I'm thinking with the right dress, this would be a gorgeous wedding updo, flower girl hairstyle, or prom hairstyle!  And of course, this style can be accessorized however you want (to make it look more or less casual or fancy.) For a more textured look (which is so trendy right now) you could curl the top layer of your hair before you create this style.  This would also be an updo that would work great with naturally curly hair.

Fishtail braids updo hairstyle tutorial
This formal hairstyle is actually a remake of a style we originally posted on our "hair blog" back in 2009.  I've been trying to go back through our older hair styles and adding to our (long) list, the ones that you guys have requested videos for.  It's a slow process, so thank you for being patient with us!

Supplies needed:
  • 1 covered hair tie (for the ponytail) and one small clear elastic to tie off the braids.
  • 1 topsy tail (optional.)  These can be found online here.
  • A couple of bobby pins.
  • A bow, flower, or other accessory to place at the top of the braids (optional.)  We found our rose "bendini clip" at our local Walgreens. 
Tucked Fishtail Braids Updo Video Tutorial:

For a more casual option, you could leave the fishtail braids down in a ponytail as shown below.  We opted to stretch our braids out and deconstruct them a bit for more of a "messy" look. But of course, if you like things neater, you can leave the braids more intact. I think this would be a cute beach style.  The Princess actually wore this style swimming the other day!
Messy fishtail braids ponytail
And one more option.... A stylish headband or scarf could be added to this hairstyle instead of placing a flower or bow above the braids.
tucked fishbone braids with headband

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  1. What a cute hairstyle! I love this! Thanks for sharing! I love your blog.



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