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Back To School Clothes - High School Dress Code Friendly!

Cute back to school clothes video. Dress code friendly. High School.

Hey guys! It's that time of year again!  We wanted to share what we picked out during "back to school" shopping in a school clothes haul / try on / lookbook video.   Be sure to leave a comment letting us know which grade you are in this year and which dance move is your favorite. ;) My daughter will be going to high school as a Sophomore this year!

Back to School Clothes Video: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Our goal was to purchase reasonably priced items (we love sales, coupons, and the clearance rack) but we still wanted to find cute, fashionable, modest, and high quality clothes that will hopefully last throughout the year and work with the dress code in our area!  (P.S. We realize not all dress codes are the same.)

Where we shopped:

Outfit #1
White embroidered flowy boho top - TJ Maxx
Tan corduroy button up skirt - JC Penney
Boots - JC Penney

Outfit #2
Flowered/striped t-shirt with ruching on the sides - Rue21
Necklace - Rue21
Ripped jeans - JC Penney
White Converse - TJ Maxx

Outfit #3
Oversize sweatshirt / hoodie - ROSS
Distressed ripped jeans - JC Penney
White Converse shoes - T.J. Maxx

Outfit #4
Levi / jean jacket - The Children's Place
Sleeveless floral dress - TJ Maxx
Gladiator lace up - tie up sandals - Payless

Outfit #5
Boho lace / floral blouse - ROSS
Skinny jeans - TJ Maxx
Ankle boots - JCPenney

PS: We have more back to school hairstyles filmed and ready to go. Watch for them in the near future!

Whould you like to comment?

  1. I loved the first outfit! And the first dance is cute.

  2. I love Outfit #5 with the Boho lace/floral blouse and the skinny jeans it matches perfectly with ankle boots from JC Penny plus I do like the last dance move with that outfit

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