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3 Back To School Hairstyles!

3 #backtoschool hairstyles! Cute and easy half up #hairstyles

Since many of you will be going back to school soon, we wanted to share some quick and easy hairstyles for busy school mornings. Each of these are simple and heatless "half up half down" hairstyles that would be great for girls and teens of all ages (elementary, middle school, junior high, high school, and college!)

3 Back To School Hairstyles, Video Tutorials: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

The first hairstyle in this series is our favorite... a fun double twist technique with connecting braids which is much easier than it looks.
Cute and easy double twist hairstyle with braids. Video tutorial.

  The second hairstyle is a cute and simple french braid in the center with accent braids on each side and hair wrapped around the ponytail to finish it off.

French braid with accent braids and hair wrapped ponytail. Video tutorial.

The 3rd hairstyle continues on from the second by adding some lace braids on each side, connecting in the middle.

Half up braided hairstyle for school, video tutorial.

Hope you enjoyed! We will be posting more back to school videos soon!

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