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3 Braided Hairstyles For Summer!

3 cute, easy, and quick half up hairstyles using braids. Video tutorial.

Today we are sharing 3 cute and easy half up hairstyles using braids. These are all heat-less, 5 minute hairstyles! These 3 simple styles are all similar and each utilize some of the same steps, but end up looking slightly different, giving you 3 different options for those of you who love half ups.

3 Half Up Braided Hairstyles, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

These 3 styles leave your hair mostly down, but still out of your face... perfect for many summer activities. These braids would not only be great for summer, but for back to school too!  My daughter is always on the "look out" for easy, quick and cute hairstyles for school mornings, so we will be adding a part 2 and 3 of this series coming soon! All of the tutorials in this series will be DIY hairstyles and quick styles that can be worn on a regular basis. A fun collection of braided hairstyles and every day hair styles.

Cute, braided, half up hairstyle. Video tutorial.

Cute braided hairstyle for summer. Video instructions.

Pretty braided half up hairstyle. Video tutorial.

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