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Half Up Hairstyle, Braided Rosette and Feathered Headband

Pretty half up rosette braid and headband video tutorial

We were in the mood for an elegant and pretty hairstyle this week.  This style was created by taking several elements (a dutch feather braid headband, a regular 3 strand braid, a braided rosette) and combining them to form a fancy half up hairstyle. This classic style would be great for many special or formal occasions such as church, dances, recitals, communions, baptisms, flower girls, weddings, renaissance faires, etc.  I think the dainty side rosette and the braid swooping across the back of her head gives this style a romantic, feminine, and vintage look.

Elegant rosette braid hairstyle tutorial

The Princess usually prefers hairstyles which are fairly sleek, tight, and neat. She says that loose braids bug her sometimes as she feels like they are falling out.  ;)  But, if your personal style is more of a tousled look, you can definitely stretch out and loosen the braid in the feathered headband as well as the braided flower for more of an effortless or messy look. If you prefer a waterfall braid over a feather braid, you can do that instead (for the headband.) But, we have found that the feather braid tends to hold up better. Some waves or curls could also be added for a cute finishing touch if you desire.

Feather braided headband and rosette hairstyle tutorial

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:

Braided Rosette and Feathered Headband Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

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  1. I love it! I would love to try to do it on my own head:) So pretty.

  2. I like that! Can you do it as a DIY?


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