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Flip Knot Braid Hairstyle

Flip knot braid video tutorial

We have done several knotted hairstyles here on our "hair blog" in the past, and love them. I think knots are fun to try if you are wanting something different and unique. We tend to wear standard braids at our house most often, and knots are a great way to mix things up every now and then. This particular knot braid is somewhat similar to our "spiral knot french braid" which we posted way back in 2011 and is still one of our favorites!

Flip knot braid hairstyle tutorial

This braid/knot could be used to create many different hairstyles. We have chosen to place this braid in the front/side of her head (using the bangs area) with her hair mostly down as a simple style for our tutorial today. You could add another braid on the other side of her head if you wanted, or use this braid as an accent for a cute updo, ponytail, or bun.  Be sure to check back next week... We have filmed another fun variation of this braid that we really love.  <3

Cute knotted hairstyle tutorial

Our video tutorial (below) was shot using our hair mannequin "Plastic Patty."  But, we wanted to include a few pictures of this braid on human hair for you as well.  The Princess has worn this style a few times and loves how quick, cute, and simple it is.  This would be a great style for school, work, church, or other occasion.

Cute and simple "flip knot braid" 

Cute hairstyle for teens, flip knot braid

Supplies needed to create this style:
  • 1 medium size hair elastic to tie off the braid.
  • Pomade, gel, water, etc. (To help keep flyaways under control.)
Flip Knot Braid Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

I wanted to mention that whenever we post a hairstyle using knots, we always get questions about taking it out... and if it is difficult or if it damages or tangles her hair. In our experience, knotted braids come out quite easily (just like any other braid.) I assume you wouldn't want to purposefully tie the knots too tight, or use super thin strands to make your knots, as this might create a knot that would be harder to get out. We have never had any trouble with any of the knotted styles the princess has worn though.... and she has worn a lot!  ;)

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