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Flip Knot Waterfall Feather Braid

Flip knot waterfall feather braid video tutorial

This fun waterfall/feather braid is a variation of the "flip knot braid" we posted last week.  Of course, waterfall braids have always been a favorite braiding technique of ours.... a favorite most likely shared with many.  I mean really, who doesn't love the intricate, yet relaxed bohemian look of a waterfall braid?  So gorgeous! This knotted variation is great if you are looking for something unique and a little bit different from the standard braided waterfall (which has become so popular.)

Unique waterfall braid, the "flip knot"

This braid can be worn on the side (as shown in our tutorial below.) Or, you could bring the braid all the way around her head horizontally or diagonally.  You could make a braid on each side and join them in the center.  Or, you could use this braid as an accent to a ponytail, updo, bun etc.  This could really be the base for an endless amount of hairstyles if you want to get creative. ;) 

You could wear this hairstyle for school, work, every day, the beach, etc.  Or for more formal or special occasions.  With the right dress, I could see this working for Prom, Homecoming, Weddings, Brides, Flower Girls, Communions, or photos.

Knotted waterfall braid tutorial

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 1 small elastic to tie off the braid
  • comb or brush
  • water, gel, pomade or wax (to help control flyaways)

Flip Knot Waterfall Feather Braid Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch directly on YouTube.)

We have shown several variations of the waterfall braid over the years on our blog. If you love waterfalls as much as we do, you can browse through a few of them here:

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If you recreate this "flip knot waterfall/feather braid" we would love to see it.  Use the hashtag #hair4myprincess on Instagram and we will check it out!

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