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Twisted Edge Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial

A fishtail braid... with a twist
Twisted edge fishtail braid video tutorial

Hey guys! Our video tutorial this week is on a fun variation of the ever popular and trendy fishtail braid, which we are calling the "twisted edge fishtail."

We love that this braid tends to hold up quite well and would be perfect for school, work, sports, and other occasions.

Pretty variation of a fishtail braid tutorial

The basic idea and inspiration for this braid came from a combination of several techniques which we have shown in past videos:  A "feather braid" a "scallop braid" and of course, a "fishtail braid."  Unlike the scallop braid, we chose to remove just one strand at a time from the fishtail, while keeping these strands closer to the original braid as they are added back in.  This is what creates the twisted pattern along both sides of the braid.

Fishtail braid with twisted edge tutorial
I'm loving the illusion of how thick this braid makes the Princess's slightly fine hair look.  So pretty!  Of course, if you wanted an even thicker looking braid, you could stretch the strands along both sides of the braid, which would give the braid even more dimension and "puffiness." 

Braid tutorial: Twisted edge fishtail braid

Like most fishtails, this braid is a little more time consuming than some braids, but really not too bad.  I would plan on about 5-8 minutes to complete your braided ponytail (although this will depend largely upon the length of hair you are working with.)

If you so desire, this braid can also be wrapped up into a bun, forming a beautiful patterned updo.

Supplies needed to create this style:
  • 2 hair ties/elastics (1 for the top of the braid, and 1 for the bottom.)
  • Water, gel, hair wax, pomade (etc.) to help control flyaways.

Twisted Edge Fishtail Braid Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the tutorial directly on YouTube.)

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  1. I will try this on my girl soon. She loves fishtail braids. Love your blog!

  2. I just saw this video in the morning and had to try it. It came out beatiful. Thanks for video and technique

  3. This braid is so pretty and versatile for any occasion, including sports. Thanks for teaching it!

  4. I loved it! Do you mind doing a DIY with it? I can do it on everyone but myself!

  5. My daughter loved this hairstyle, and when she went to school, everyone was asking her how her mom did it

  6. I my on my own hair tryed it am only 10 but it came out beautiful thanks.

  7. Looks amazing, can't wait to try it out :D

  8. does it work on shoulder length hair too

  9. does it work on shoulder length hair too

  10. It is beautiful and you are so clever. Thank you for sharing

  11. will it work on short thick hair

  12. omg i love that, it's absolutely gorgeous!

  13. I thought you were the best at explaining how to do this braid.
    I enjoyed your voice and having it damp was awesome!

  14. Wonderful tutorial! It was so easy to follow and do! I did this braid for my daughter who is playing Princess Jasmine. We got so many great comments!

  15. That was very nice...��������


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