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Window Braid Tutorial, Edgy Hairstyles

Window braid tutorial

A cute and unique ponytail hairstyle to try.

Our hair tutorial this week features a fun hair design which our princess has named the "window braid."  The twists wrapping around each side of the oval shaped center of the hairstyle remind us of curtains being pulled back around a window! 

Twist cornrows and window braid tutorial

If you have been following us for awhile, the twisting technique utilized in this hairstyle may look familiar. We have shown a similar "twist braid" in past videos, including our spiral braid ponytail tutorial as well as our pinwheel bun.

window braid video instructions

We love the edgy "high fashion" look of this style with the sides slicked back into "cornrow twists" and a low ponytail.  For a more dramatic effect, you could tease the "bangs" area to create a higher and more voluminous pompadour in the front if you choose.  And, if you have extra time, you could  braid in actual cornrows instead of the (much quicker) twists, if you so desire. 

window braid hairstyle

We wanted to include an outdoor shot of this hairstyle, as we filmed this one during the first snowfall of the season in our area.  So beautiful... and so cold!

window braid ponytail video
Supplies needed:
  • 3-4 clear hair elastics (or similar to the color of hair you are working with.)
  • Gel, pomade, wax, or water to help with flyaways.
  • Rat tail comb (optional.)
  • Approximately 10-15 minutes.

Window Braid Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the tutorial directly on YouTube.)

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