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Guest Hairdos Part 3

This will be our last guest post (at least for a little while.) Then, I've got some fun hairstyle ideas for St. Patricks Day I'm hoping to squeeze in next week.

1. I had to start off with this one since Dr. Seuss's Birthday was just the other day! This "Cindy Lou Who hairstyle" was made by placing a small paper cup under her hair. The mom who sent this one in sure is creative! I love it!! This would be perfect for Halloween or Dr. Seuss Day.

2. French Braid pigtails
3. French Braided Heart

4. Twist Braids
5. French Braid Headband

7. Braided Connectors
9. 5 strand french braid! (I really want to try this.)

18. Cute Fairy Costumes
19. Easter Updo

I'm so impressed with all of these great hairdos! Thank you so much (all of you) for sending in your pictures. I hope I didn't miss anyone. If you've done a hairstyle you were wanting to share with us, you can post it to our facebook fan page at anytime. There have been a lot of fun pictures posted to our page lately, so feel free to join us and check out our "fan photos" and "favorite hairstyles" albums while you're there if you're looking for more ideas.

Whould you like to comment?

  1. These are fabulous!! So creative! I am totally going to have to learn how to do a 5 strand French Braid. That sounds so neat! (Guess I should learn the 4 strand, too, while I'm at, huh? :) )

    LOVE some of those Easter updo's = Gorgeous!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I hope you don't mind the link, but I have a website, and a friend I interviewed had all of her children dressed for the Dr. Suess theme-when I saw the tall hair in my google reader, I recognized it! lol
    You do a beautiful job with the hair-my two daughters and I have long hair-I need to share your blog with my 15 yo--she loves to do hair.
    Thanks for sharing-again, you do beautiful "head art"!
    p.s. It seems a lot of women don't like long hair because they think it looks stringy--your blog shows that this absolutely doesn't have to be true-my girls and I do our hair nicely as well. I can't see why ALL women wouldn't want long hair! :)

  4. 5 strand french braid??? I LOVE IT!! Do you know how to do it? I cant even fathom but I would LOVE to try it.

  5. I know how to do the 5 strand - it's not as hard as it looks. It definitely looks better in thick hair - my little wispy-haired girls don't do it justice. Wonder if I could do a tutorial though, if you need it.

  6. Those are all some great hairdos. Love the Cindy Lou Who. And the 5 strand french's great. I actually tried a 4 strand just the other day, but there was no way I could finish it. Props to the one who did that.

  7. The Pollocks,
    Yes! I would love to see a tutorial on this braid. I was going to try to figure it out on my own but if you know how to do it and have the time to do some instructions, that would be awesome!!

  8. I don't know how to do a 5 strand french braid. Would you please do a video?

  9. Check mine out at French braids and the hearts.
    Very cute and unique styles.

  10. I started a new blog where I will show my AA daughters new hairstyles on a weekly basis. Anyone interested in AA hairstyles should pop on over

  11. Oh my gosh those are some amazing hair styles! Love those braids! Now if only my little girl had hair, LOL!

  12. That 1st one would be great for an Alice in Wonderland party too.

  13. OOohhh, 5 strands! Never tried that! I used to do my own hair in a 4 strand braid all the time, but never 5...


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