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Guest Hairstyles - Part 2

Continuing on with our series of adorable hairstyles from you. Yay!

After I posted the first set of guest hairdos last week, I had some requests for links to instructions for a few of them. So in case you want to try something, I'm adding the links to the tutorials on this set and the post from last week. (At least on the ones I recognize.)

Here we go.....

1. Twist braid Heart
2, Woven Pigtails

1. Spider Web Hairstyle There are quite a few variations of this one around the blog. I just linked to the first one I could find which happens to be the Christmas Tree hairstyle, lol.)
2. French Braids and a Bun

5. Our first "non-human guest!" I love it. I think this style is an original creation from the hair doer who sent it in.

6. Quick "Quitter Twists"
7. Twist, Weave and Cross

8. Woven Basket Hair Style

9. Fancy Easter Hairstyle

Now a huge thank you goes out to our guest hairstylists and cute models who sent in these pics! And....horray, we can look forward to one more guest post later on this week. Can't wait!

Whould you like to comment?

  1. So cute!

  2. My fav one is the fancy Easter hair do. We did that one for going to the Nutcracker. So fun, even on short hair.

  3. It is beautiful!
    Sorry for my english. I cannot send you the photos, but you and your princess have inspired me on creation of the page. Very much I wish to hear your opinion! Thanks you!
    Best regards, Nadya.


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