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Your Hairstyles - From Around The World - Part 1

I've had a hard time getting this posted as my daughter and I have been obsessed with watching the Olympics Ice Skating. (Or figure skating.) It's been taking up a lot of our time! The Princess has even noticed the skater's fancy hair and outfits and has wanted to look just like them. She's been wearing a lot of buns to school this week. :) We're actually watching Rachael Flatt, Miki Ando, Kim Yu-Na, Joannie Rochette, Mirai Nagasu and Mao Asada right now as I type!!

Anyway, back to our guest post......

I always love seeing pictures of hairstyles you have done. It's especially fun to see cute hairdos on all different types of hair textures and lengths!! I love that these pictures came from all over the place too. We even had a few people send in hairdos who don't speak English. I've decided that cute hair is the new international language. Everyone understands it!! :)

There were so many adorable hair styles submitted this time around that I decided to break them up into 3 posts. Too much cuteness at once can be overwhelming! So...if you sent something in and don't see it here, it's probably coming. Keep an eye out for the next two posts.

1. Creative Ribbon Hairstyle
2.. Renaissance Braids

3. Easter Basket Hairstyle
4. A Cutie All Dressed Up

5. Flipped Heart Variation
6. Crossing Braids

8. Braids and Beads

9. Original Pigtails and Braids
10. Cornrow Braids and Beads

Lots of darling hairstyle ideas to keep you busy! I'll try and get the other two guest posts up next week. In the meantime if any of you have a hairdo you want to share, the fastest and easiest way is to post them on our facebook page and of course everyone is welcome to post there! Or send them in email if you would like.

Whould you like to comment?

  1. (why do ppl have to act so jerkish ^?)

    I just had to say- I LOVE your site!!! Soooo many cute ideas...:) The hairstyle is becoming part of the outfit around here :) heehee! I will have to post some of our own pics for you--but I have a girl who HATES to have her hair brushed.., so by the time I'm finished w/ her hair I'm worn out and usually too tired for pics-- but one of these days I'm going to grab the cam and snap a few :D We have a few of our "own" styles that are really cute that we should "share"! THANKS for sharing all your neat ideas- that really is kind! GBU!

  2. Thank you Meda, I was removing that "spam" comment while you were typing yours. :) I really wish the spammers would realize no one wants their comments and nasty links on our blogs.

  3. I am soo happy you have this blog. It makes me come up with lots of good ideas. I used to send my daughter with the typical ponytail and pigtails and now I feel much better that I can do many other things with her hair. Thank you so much.

  4. These hairstyles and little girls are all so cute everyone did a great job. Can't wait to see the next two posts

  5. How CUTE!

    I'm so impressed by how neat everyone's braids look. Mine are terribly messy.

  6. Thanks for putting my princess in this post! I just love the things you do and that you take your time to do this blog, I have 2 beautiful girls and i love doing there hair!!!

  7. giving you an award lady! Love your stuff!come and see,

  8. Just a side note about figure skating hair - I grew up figure skating and am a judge now...the little girls in competition (like the little ones - before they're Rachel and Mirai) often wear creative hairstyles. I can hardly wait until my daughter is in her first skating competition and I can come back to this site and use a different hairstyle for her every competition (well, that is if she WANTS to skate of course!).

  9. I love this blog. As a mother of an 8 year old, I struggle with finding new hairstyles for her. The pics are beautiful. I'll visit frequently for new ideas.

    Thanks again

  10. Do you have any hairstyles that some one could do on themselves?

  11. cute hairstyles for little girls..just wondering is there tips on how to do these styles also?


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