Feb 23, 2010

Four Square Elastic Hairstyle

This is kind of a spin-off of a hairdo we posted on our blog awhile ago: french braids with flair. But, happily-no french braiding skills required here!
little girls hairstyle Start by parting from ear to ear. (Not crooked like mine. :) Then make some sections all the way across and secure with rubber bands (leaving a section on one side temporarily unbanded.) I made 8 sections total. 4 sections on one side of the unbanded section and 3 on the other.

In the unbanded section, part it up into 4 squares (hence the name 4 square hairstyle) like so......
Split the section in the front/top in half. Twist and apply pomade or gel to each piece to keep the flyaways under control. Secure each of the strands to the sections closest to her ears on both sides using another rubber band over the top of the one already there.
Repeat with the next 2 squares, stepping up one section on both sides each time.
At this point if you wanted to leave it down, you could be done. I think it would look cute to add some claw clips or butterfly clips to each of the rubber bands along the back.
hair style for little girls
hairstyle twists
elastic hairstyle I really don't like leaving The Princesses hair down for school too often though. When we do, she usually comes home with a "rats nest" that neither one of us enjoy untangling the next morning. So, we decided to finish this one off with a quick ponytail and a fun little snap clip from Angelas Accessories.
rubber band hairstyle Btw, I'm in the process of getting a post ready with some of the hairstyles YOU guys have sent in soon. So, if you sent me something in the last little while......keep an eye out for that! Also, for "immediate hairstyle sharing gratification" feel free to post your hairdos to our facebook fan page any time. We always love to see the hairstyles you have done!!