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Ribbon Wrapped Hairstyle

ribbon hairstyle
Make a part from ear to ear (like a half pony) and then 3 square sections diagonally, across the top of the half pony.
Thread a ribbon through each of the elastics, making the ends the same length on each side.
Split the hair in half in each section and wrap with the ribbons. If you want hair showing between the ribbon more like this hairstyle, use thinner ribbon. If you don't want the hair showing at all, use thicker ribbon.
Split everything up as shown and make some pigtails in the half pony. At this point you could either leave it just how it is with her hair down. You could make some little buns with the pigtails. You could bring the pigtails together in the back, princess style. Or, you could make some pigtails with the rest like we did.

ribbon wrapping hair style using ribbons
cute girls hairstyle Of course if you didn't want to use ribbons at all, you could braid the sections instead. Or just twist them up, or leave them like straight. Whatever makes you happy. :)

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  1. Wow, that's really interesting. I like the placement of the little ponytails. Very springtime :)

  2. You know what would be easier? If I just FedX my youngest to your house and have you do it. I think it would save a lot of tears. My own, that is.

  3. i bet charlotte would love this w/ the ribbons!


  4. Oh i love what you do with the ribbons. Wish i had a little girl!

  5. That is really cute and you make it look really easy.

  6. I can remember when I was little my mom would always braid ribbon in our hair when she did!

  7. Now I could do this one too@ How fun!

  8. I knew I would use my 100++ rolls of ribbon somehow. My wife will be very happy that they are not just sitting on a shelf anymore! :) The possibilities with this hairstyle are ENDLESS! Thanks!


  9. Oh that's super cute! I love how you could use whatever color ribbons you want!

  10. Stopping by from Mom Dot - You are so creative, you make me want to have girls or break out my old barbie dolls!

  11. Huh, I don't think I like it very much. It looks a little careless, if I can so.

  12. Well I love it! I find ribbon hard to be creative with - and this style accomplishes it! Thank you!


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