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Crossing Paths French Braids

I didn't know quite where I was going with this hairstyle when I started. We usually sorta have a plan, but this one just kind of created itself. Sometimes it's fun to just start braiding on your cute little girl's head and see what you end up with!
Start with a part on the side and make 2 sections going down to her ear. Secure the section in the front with an elastic right above her ear. Put the section in the back in a temporary clip or scrunchie to keep it out of the way.Make 2 more diagonal sections behind the first two and inside-out french braid them.Now take the scrunchie out of the section in front of the french braids, split it in 2, and braid both pieces. Bring the braids over across the top of the french braids (to the other side of her head) and secure them each to a little piece of hair under your part with an elastic. I curled the hair in each of the 5 little ponytails with our flat iron and added a couple of cute clips from Nellie Bugs to the section in the front.x braids
woven braids
criss crossed braids
criss crossed cornrows
hairstyles for little girls

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  1. I wish my hair experiments would turn out like that! Very cute.

  2. I wish I could french braid! Thanks for the shout out. Hope she likes the clips. We will have big bows coming soon, I'll email you when I get them on the website! :)

  3. I love your work! I just found your blog recently...I only wish my 3 year old had more hair for me to play with. But I gotta ask, How do you get your daughter to sit for you to do that?

  4. Awesome! I love the things that happen when there's no planning involved! (I've had some major flubbs, but sometimes the outcome is sooo worth it!)

  5. Hi! I just nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award :) By visiting my blog and "accepting" the award, you can in turn pass it on! Enjoy!

  6. I loveeeeeee this!!!! I might have to try it! She's adorable! :)

  7. i want to learn how to french braid so bad! i need to go to the salon and have them teach me.


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