Mar 5, 2010

Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2009

Imagine my surprise and shock when yesterday I was checking out Momdot's annual list of the "top 100 mom blogs on the net" for 2009. (A lot of my favorite blogs are on this list: Pioneer Woman, Nie Nie, My Charming Kids.) And then I came across number 76........ which happened to be US!!!!

What? Who? How?

Anyway "The Princess" and I are beyond HONORED to be part of this list. I mean what in the world? One of the top 100 for the whole internet!?! Maybe it's a mistake or something (shhh don't tell anyone and we'll ride it out while it lasts lol) but we'll take it.

So, I obviously wanted to thank Momdot for choosing our blog and making our day. And what better way is there to thank a blogger than by a whole bunch of comments. (Because we all know bloggers love comments, right?) So if you have a few extra minutes: Head over to Momdot, check out her list of the top 100 blogs, and leave Trisha a comment letting her know I sent ya. (Even though we're one of the smaller blogs on her list, I definitely want her to know we have by far the best readers!!!)