Oct 29, 2008

Knots And Piggies

A cute knotted pigtail hairstyle:
Start by making a set of pigtails with a section left out in front, parted on a slant.

Starting on one side of the part, take a section and do a half shoe string knot. Take the end on the right (closest to the pigtail) and temporarily pin it back.

Part out another section. Adding in the end from the knot above, do another shoe string knot, pinning the end on the right over by the pigtail again. Continue to the bottom of the section. When you get to the bottom, take all the ends you have pinned to the side and add them to the pigtail. (Repeat these steps on both sides of her head.)

To do the knot/bun at the top of the pigtail: Take the pigtail and split it in two. Do a half shoe string knot. Take one of the ends and twist it.

Wrap the twisted piece around the knot several times.Bring it down to the bottom of the pigtail and add it in with the other end of the knot with an elastic. Now you can curl the piggies and add some cute bows or flowers.

(Sorry about this picture, I was having a hard time with my camera.)

I love the buttons in these flowers!!  Cute hair accessories can make all the difference.  ;)