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French Twist Braids With A Video

I used to do this style all the time. I still really love it. But, I haven't done it for awhile. It's nothing new, but sometimes the classic styles are the cutest. Don't you agree?

I've had a question about why sometimes we hair bloggers talk about only taking hair from one side of the braid. And, what the difference is. I did these braids both ways, so you can see the difference.

Start by making a diagonal part all the way across her head. From the top (by one eye) to the bottom (by her ear) on the other side. Do the twist french braids on both sides of the part. Bring the braids together into a side pony with an elastic and do some twist braids in the pony.

The best part of this style is this cute flower bow that came from Tinkerbell Boutique . The first thing I noticed about some of the flowers at this boutique are the buttons in the middle of the flowers. Such a cute idea! I love this particular color combination with the pink and brown.

Now, if you look at these braids, the one on the right was done by taking the hair from only one side. The one on the left was done taking hair from both sides. See the difference? Normally when I do this style, I would do both braids only taking hair from one side and twist them in the opposite direction, so they are facing each other. Make sense?

Here's a better shot of the flower. I didn't take a picture of the back of this accessory, but it has a piece of felt-like material between the clip that grips the hair in really well. This flower stayed in all day long!

Here's a video to hopefully show you how to do the twist french braid. (In case you don't already know how to do it.) You need to know how to do a regular twist braid first though. If you need help with that, go to this twist braid video.

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  1. Thanks for entering my giveaway! I love her hair and the pretty flower..super cute!

  2. How cute! Looks pretty easy too. I am going to try this one for sure. Is doing the braid taking from both sides pretty similar? I am trying to think of how that would be done. Thanks!

  3. Your video was EXCELLENT! Thank you for sharing your way of doing it... can't wait until tomorrow to try this one out. THX!

  4. This was the perfect video for me! I have been trying to figure out how do this braid! You're a lifesaver!! Thanks! I love the pink and brown flower in her hair too!

  5. Very pretty. Love how you did several of them too. Fabulous!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. i'm just joining the hair club. I have always tried to do my daughters hair cute, so this is fun. I get fun new ideas that people don't see every day. I have scheduled family pics and individual pics for my kids. What is a good hair style for pics that would be easy, cute and different but still show her hair in her pics? Like a half do up or something. If you don't mind sharing another idea.

  8. Becki, Doing the braid taking from both sides is very similar. Instead of taking one piece to add in the back, you split it in two, add the top piece to one section and the bottom to the other, then twist as usual. Does that make sense?

    Brandi, This is what we did for our last picture day. here

  9. She's so lovely !

    My hair is very long, I'm searching for some braids to make, like the fish bone by instance.
    But it's not so easy for me...
    I hope I'll succeed one day !


    Sabrina (

  10. Thanks to your video I did this on my nieces hair for Halloween. You can check it out here

  11. Gosh that looks great. I love the idea. Thanks for the videos.

  12. Oh! I've seen this at church, but I could never figure out how to make it look so perfect! ( I was trying to take hair from top too...) Anyway, it is such fun just experimenting. I've been making buns out of these kinds of twists-- so cute. You've probably done that before! You've done everything!


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