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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Licorice Braid, Tie Back Hairstyle

Licorice braid hair tutorial

Our hair tutorial today shows how to create what we are calling a "licorice braid" by combining standard rope braids (or twist braids) into a fun and unique looking twisted pattern. 

Doesn't this braid look just like a twisted piece of candy (ie Twizzlers) or an actual rope? Although I'm sure this is not a new braid for some of you, we stumbled upon this technique by accident a few years ago. We were planning on making a "Hawser Braid" (which is 2 rope braids twisted together in the opposite direction) but ended up twisting the braids together the "wrong" way and this "licorice braid" appeared.  Love it when that happens!  The Princess has worn this braid on occasion ever since then and absolutely loves it.

Licorice braid tie back hairstyle

As shown in our video tutorial (below) 2 or more braids can be combined to create this intricate twisted pattern.  Of course, the more braids you use, the larger and more intricate the final braid will become! 

We chose a simple tie back, half up - half down hairstyle for our video today, although this braid can be used in many different hairstyles!  

Licorice braid half up hairstyle tutorial

This classic tie back style would be cute for teens, girls, and women.  A great hairstyle for school or work, since it is fairly quick and easy. Hairstyles with the sides pulled back into the middle (such as this) always remind me of a medieval princess or a bohemian style bride or wedding.  If you wanted to add some beachy waves or curls to this style, I think it would add a soft and romantic touch, although I love it with straight hair too!
Supplies needed to create this look:
  • Several clips or temporary hair ties to hold the ends of the braids while you are working.
  • Pomade, gel, or damp hair to help control flyaways.
  • One small elastic for the end of the final braid.
Licorice Braid Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Noodle Curls Tutorial, No-Heat Curls

noodle curls, no heat tutorial

Our video tutorial this week features a fun, no-heat curling technique for which we like to call "noodle curls!" (I think it's fairly obvious why we chose the name we did.... don't these curls look just like noodles??)

noodle curls video tutorial

Over the years, we have done many hairstyles using "rope braids" or "twist braids" and have noticed when we have taken the braids out, these unique spiral curls are formed. (I'm guessing some of you have discovered this as well?)  On occasion over the past several years, we have made rope braids just for the curls themselves.  And, through trial and error, we have learned a few tricks and tips along the way for perfecting these curls, which is what we wanted to share today.  ;) 

no heat curling tutorial

Of course, these noodle curls are not your standard, every day, "pretty" curl.  The princess loves them because they look so different and unique (almost not natural looking.)  She always seems to receive compliments when she wears these curls, along with people wondering if it is actually her "real hair." I'm sure you will too!

No-heat noodle curls tutorial

The Princess normally sleeps in these braids while they are damp and lets them dry overnight (overnight curls.)  If you don't have time for that, you could always use a blow dryer to speed up the process (which would obviously involve applying some heat to your hair, making them not so no-heat curls.) 

We usually try to get a couple of days out of these "noodles." After the first day, if things are starting to look a little "fuzzy" we will wrap the curls up into a bun, or braid them (as shown below.) I think the added texture from these noodles looks so cool! And, You could really do any type of braid you want with these: A fishtail braid, a 4-strand, etc..

textured braid using "noodle curls"

Supplies needed to create these curls:
  • Several small elastics or hair ties for the ends of the braids (we used 10)
  • 1 medium size ponytail holder
  • Spray bottle with water, or damp hair
  • The product we used in our video (below) is called Moroccan Infusion made by Suave, and was purchased at our local Target. (Optional)
  • Finishing hair spray. (Optional)
Noodle Curls Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

P.S. In case you are wondering how to take these curls out when you are done... it can be a little tricky.  You definitely don't want to just take a brush to them and go to town!  To avoid tangles and damage, I would suggest taking one "noodle" at a time, and start at the bottom. Gently comb and untwist the curl as you work your way up to the top.  If you take a little extra care and time, these should come out quite easily.  If you don't have the patience for combing out each curl separately, you could try getting the curls wet (in the bathtub) then add conditioner.  Comb the curls out with the conditioner still in.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Heart Knot Hairstyle

heart hairstyle tutorial, quick and easy

Our tutorial this week: A cute, easy, and quick half-up heart hairstyle!  This would be a cute hairstyle for Valentine's Day, a flower girl, or for school.

"The Princess" actually was the one who came across this fun heart hairstyle a couple of weeks ago while watching another awesome hairstyling channel called "Bebexo." (You can find Bebexo's original tutorial for this cute style here.)  As she often does, "the princess" recreated this hairstyle on her doll (Daisy) after watching the original video. We both thought the end result was so cute that we wanted to share it... and she volunteered to do the tutorial, so be sure to watch her video below.  She did a great job!  ;)

Of course, we wanted to try this pretty hairstyle out on the princess as well as on her doll (as shown above.)  We are always getting requests for hairstyles that are easy enough to do on yourself, and this one is perfect for that.  The princess actually did this one all on her own! 

heart knot hairstyle for valentines day

Over our past 7 years of hair blogging/vlogging we have posted quite a few heart hairstyles and Valentine's Day hairstyles (we love them.)  Although I think this "heart knot" has to be one of the easiest, quickest, and cutest!  Several of our "older" heart designs can be found at the following link, if you are interested in browsing through them: Heart Hairstyle Ideas

Supplies needed to create this style:
  • 2 small elastics
  • Temporary clip (optional)
  • Pomade or gel (optional)
Heart Knot Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

P.S. The doll she is using in this tutorial came from "My Salon Doll."

Didn't she do a wonderful job, by the way?  We will have to have her film more often!
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