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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Snowflake Ponytail, Winter Hairstyles

Snowflake hairstyle video tutorial

A "Frozen Hairstyle"... literally!

We decided on a fun and festive snowflake hairstyle for our tutorial this week (since the holidays and the winter season are upon us!)  This design is kind of a spinoff of one of our favorite updos that we posted on our site way back in 2009, the fancy Princess Bun. With a few slight changes and some added ribbon, this Princessy bun transforms into a lovely snowflake hairstyle!

Snowflake ponytail

This unique design would be a cute hairstyle for Christmas, New Years, holiday parties, winter weddings, sledding, skiing, and... all winter long.  I could also picture this as a fun and different hairstyle to go with an Elsa or Anna (from Disney's Frozen) costume or dress! 

Cute snow flake hairstyle

If you are wanting to wear this hairstyle for dance, figure skating, gymnastics, etc... you could take the hair in the ponytail and create a sock bun (or any other type of bun) to keep it out of your way.

Also, for a more elegant look, you could curl the hair in the ponytail, or create a tousled updo with some curls in the center of the snowflake.

Snowflake hairstyle, for Christmas

Supplies Needed:
  • Several small, white elastics
    (We used 10, but it is going to depend on how many ponytails you add to start with.)
  • 2 medium, white elastics.
  • Claw clips, to keep things from unraveling while you work. 
  • White ribbon, cut into 2 - 2 1/2 ft lengths. (We used 5 pieces, but again, it is going to depend on how many ponytails you start out with.)
  • Scissors, nail clippers, or a seam ripper to easily remove the elastics when you are done (optional.)
Snowflake Hairstyle Video Tutorial: Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

Just a heads up: Most of the styles we post on this blog are less time consuming than they look and rarely take over 10 minutes.... not the case with this one.  ;)  I would give yourself around 20-30 minutes to complete this style.  Pull out a movie, snacks, game, or book... you are going to need it!

P.S. If you are looking for less of a winter look and more of a spring/summer hairstyle, this same technique could be used to make a beautiful hair flower!  Just change the white ribbon and elastics out for pink, yellow, or purple.  You will then create flower petals instead of ice crystals!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Formal Half Updo Hairstyle, Cascading Curls and Chains

Cascading curls and chains half up hairstyle tutorial

We wanted to create a formal half up half down hairstyle for our tutorial this week.  I'm sure many of you will be attending holiday parties, formal dances, recitals, concerts, church, winter weddings, Christmas celebrations, Hanukkah, New Years Eve (among other fancy schmancy events) this season. This fancy hairstyle would be perfect for many of these special occasions and is actually quite easy to recreate. Yay! 

Half up half down formal hairstyle tutorial

One of our all time favorite hairstyling techniques (and one of the very first posts we ever placed on this hair blog) is the "chain braid."  It has been quite awhile since we have shown this technique in a hairstyle, so we wanted to add a chain to this elegant style today.  The Princess always receives compliments when she is wearing chains (as they are quite unique looking.)  I'm sure you will too! 

pretty half updo hairstyle with curls

As you can see, we placed a chain on just one side of this hairstyle and left the other side plain.  If you prefer, you can add a chain to both sides. 

Since the Princess doesn't have any bangs, we used the hair in the very front to create our headband made of hair.... which we refer to as "Barbie bangs." If your daughter has bangs (or fringe) cut, you can make the headband directly behind the bangs and it should work just fine.

fancy hairstyle with cascading curls

And then of course, what would a half updo be without some cascading curls? We love the "princessy" look of this hairstyle and the glamorous volume created with these curls. Beyond the holidays, I could see this working for Prom, Homecoming, or maybe even a bride.

Elegant half up hairstyle, cascading curls and chains

Supplies needed to recreate this style:
  • 3 small elastics
  • Several bobby pins
  • Water, gel, or pomade to help control flyaways
  • Curling iron or curling wand

I would plan on about 15 minutes to complete this pretty hairstyle (depending on how much of the hair you choose to curl.)  As shown in our video below, we only curled the hair in the half ponytail, which did save some time.

Cascading Curls and Chains Half Up Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Elastic Christmas Tree Hairstyle

Christmas tree hair tutorial

Hey guys!  Our hair tutorial this week is a recreation of a Christmas hairstyle we posted on our blog way back in 2009 (before we did much on YouTube.) "The Princess" was only 6 years old in our original Christmas tree hairstyle post and is now 11!  (How fun to look back at those old pics.) 

We wanted to add a new Christmas tree hairstyle video tutorial this holiday season (for those of you who have requested it over the years.)
Elastic half up hairstyle tutorial

As you may have noticed, this "tree hairstyle" design is quite subtle and not obviously a Christmas tree at first glance... which is what we wanted for today. The Princess was headed to an elegant Christmas dinner the day we filmed this style, and we didn't want an overly obnoxious Christmas tree in her hair for this particular occasion!

Of course, this half up-half down hairstyle could really be worn any time and not just for Christmas.  The "elastic net" look always reminds me of a medieval princess for some reason! If you wanted to, you could place a small jewel (or hair jewelry) at each elastic for some added sparkle, which would be so pretty and glamorous. 

Elastic tree hairstyle video

If you are wanting more of a festive looking tree for a lively Christmas party.... or even a hairstyle to go with an "ugly sweater contest," ;) you could add some ornaments or lights to this style (which would make the Christmas tree really stand out!)  Also, if you place the elastics closer together, you can form more of an obvious triangular tree shape (if that is the look you are going for.)  We didn't have any ornaments or lights laying around when we filmed this style, so we photo-shopped some in for you as an example below!

Christmas tree hairstyle with lights or ornaments

You might notice the elastic at the top of our "tree" is yellow, while the rest of the elastics are green.  The yellow elastic is supposed to be the star!  You could also place a brown elastic, or braid the middle section at the bottom of your tree as a trunk if you want.

Elastic net holiday hairstyle

Supplies needed to create this hairstyle:
  • Several small elastics.  (We used 15 total.)  The brand of elastics shown in our video are "Goody Ouchless."  Of course, you can use any color or brand you want.
  • Accessories such as ornaments or lights to decorate your tree (optional.)
  • Water, gel, or pomade, to help control flyaways (optional.)
  • Around 15-20 minutes.

Elastic Tree Hairstyle Video Tutorial:  (Click here to watch the tutorial directly on YouTube.)

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