Hey guys! Since the Fourth of July holiday is right around the corner, we wanted to share a "4th of July hairstyles idea round-up" with you.  Some of these hairstyles are from way back in our archives and some are as recent as last July. Please enjoy a few of our favorite star braids and star hairstyles, red white and blue themed hairstyles, and even a "glowing hairstyle" for a late night fireworks show! 

Click the links above each photo to be taken to the video tutorials, which include instructions for creating each hairstyle. 

Star Hairstyle Tutorial (Or Braided star pigtails.)
Braided Star Video Tutorial, Cute 4th Of July Hairstyle

Ribbon Swirl Bun
Ribbon swirl bun video tutorial

Braided Star Bun
Star Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

Aztec Carousel Braid Using Red, White, and Blue
Red, White, and Blue, Waterfall Twist Carousel Braid (Aztec Braid)

Colorful Fishtail Braid

Patriotic Ribbon Bun

Glow Stick Star Hairstyle

Angel wings fishtail braid, half up hairstyle tutorial

This week we are showing a variation of one of the styles included in our "7 easy hairstyles, part 2 video" we posted a few weeks ago.

Usually we make this "angel wings" style using regular (3 strand) braids or rope braids. But we decided to try it using fishtail braids and loved the end result, so of course we wanted to share it with you!

This would be a lovely braided half up hairstyle for school, church, the beach, weddings, recitals, dances, etc.  I think it has a very pretty bohemian princess look to it.  Depending on your preference, you can leave your fishtails smooth and tight, or you can stretch them out for a more relaxed, soft, and messy look like we did.

Angel Wings Fishtail Braid Tie Back Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Gorgeous braided hairstyle, the angel wings fishtail braid tie back

Braided hairstyle tutorial, angel wings fishtail braid tie back

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 7 small/medium hair elastics
  • Finishing hairspray (optional)
 FYI, the braiding for this style does take some time to complete (especially if you have long hair.) I would plan on around 10-15 minutes.  If you have done fishtail braids before, you probably know what I mean.  ;)  As mentioned in our video tutorial, if you are in a hurry, I would recommend using a different (faster) type of braid to create a similar look.
Pull through woven bun hairstyle tutorial.

In this week's hairstyle tutorial we are showing yet another variation of the "multi strand pull through braid ponytail" which we posted a few weeks ago. While working with this braid, we noticed the pretty "sideways fishtail" design that was created when each layer of the ponytail was opened up and turned inside out and thought this woven pattern would be beautiful incorporated into the center of a bun.

This updo has an elegant look to it and would be pretty for a Prom, wedding, Homecoming, recital, communion, church, dance, figure skating, etc.

Video tutorial showing how to create this glamorous pull-through woven bun updo:  (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Pretty bun hairstyle, the pull through woven updo.

Glamorous bun made using a pull through braid technique.

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 1 medium size hair tie or elastic for the top of the ponytail. 
  • 2 clear elastics to help hold in layers while you are rolling up the bun (optional.)
  • Several bobby pins.
  • Pomade, gel, finishing hairspray, etc. (optional.)
We chose to finish this style using a "rolled bun" technique and pinned it into place using bobby pins. If you are working with hair that is on the thinner side, or shorter hair, you may want to use a bun maker instead for more volume.

I remembered seeing something kind of similar on a fellow hair vlogger "sweetheart hair designs" instagram account a few months ago and went digging for their photo after I filmed this tutorial to look at their bun again.  Our hairstyles turned out quite different from each other but the concept is very similar, so if you like this style... you should go check out their woven bun as well!

P.S. Yes, this is the third week in a row we have used this braid! I thought it was just so beautiful, so I wanted to do a few things with it.  I promise we will be posting something different next week.  ;)
Quilted pull-through braid hairstyle, video tutorial.

This quilted pull-through ponytail is a variation of a style we posted last week (the multi strand pull through braid.) As mentioned in our video (below) the only difference between the 2 braids is the placement of the elastics, but as you can see.... the ponytails turn out completely different looking with this small change. (Comparison between the 2 braids below.)

Quilted pull through ponytail and multi strand pull through comparison.
(Quilted pull through ponytail on the left, multi strand ponytail on the right.)
Quilted Pull Through Braid Ponytail Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

We love the 3d effect of this style.  If you try this braid, you will noticed the "quilted" pattern shows up along the front, sides, and back of the ponytail.  So fun!

Quilted pull-through ponytail, side view.

Quilted pull through braid side view.

This braid can be stretched out to add more volume and dimension to the style, or you can leave it "as is" like we did, (which also turns out quite voluminous.)  Of course, this pull through braid can be done in a high ponytail or low ponytail, as a side braid, or even as a half up hairstyle.

Supplies needed to recreate this braid:
  • 1 medium size elastic or hair tie for the top of the ponytail.
  • Several medium/small clear elastics (the amount will depend on your hair length.)
  • Pomade, gel, or other product to help control flyaways.
This hairstyle would be great for sports, school, work, the beach, special occasions, or every day casual occasions.
Multi-strand pull-through ponytail, hair tutorial.

This week we are featuring a braid we saw on Instagram a few months ago on an awesome hairstyling account @merobraids. We loved how unique and intricate this woven ponytail looked when we saw it, and had to give it a try! 

We first saw the idea of using more than 2 strands in a regular pull-through braid from @prettylittlebraids on Instagram, when she came up with the idea of using 3 strands, and my daughter has actually worn the 3 strand pull-through braid (or 3D) version quite often.  This is the same concept, just taken up a strand... or 10.

Multi Strand Pull Through Braid Hairstyle, Video Tutorial:  (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

As mentioned in our video, you can count the number of strands you are pulling through each layer for more of a precise braid, or you can just go with the flow like I did.  After working with the braid a little bit after I filmed this video, I would recommend starting with an elastic in the first layer (on the bottom strand) instead of doing it without (like I did in the tutorial.)  It is easier that way and turns out better as well.  ;)

This style is quite easy to create once you get the pattern down, but it can be a little tricky keeping all of the sections separated.  If you are working on an actual person, I would recommend having them hold 1 or 2 of the sections for you while you are braiding, which will help tremendously.  I have done this with my daughter and it is much easier.  Or, as mentioned in our tutorial, you can use a clip to help keep one of the sections out of your way as well.

Multi strand pull through braid hairstyle, video instructions.

Although this ponytail looks kind of delicate with its "sideways fishtail design," it is actually quite durable and would be great for school, sports, the gym, etc.  This would also look awesome wrapped up into a bun, which would be perfect for dance, ballet, figure skating, and other special occasions.

Supplies needed to recreate this ponytail:
  • 1 large hair elastic or hair tie for the top of the ponytail.
  • Several medium size clear elastics. The amount will depend on the length of hair you are working with.
  • Pomade, gel, hair wax, etc. To help control flyaways. (Optional)
P.S. If you love this ponytail, we have filmed 2 more fun variations of this braid and will be posting them over the next few weeks!
Melting braid hairstyle tutorial

This week's hair tutorial is a fun and unique braid which we are calling the "melting braid," as it looks like the bottom strand is literally melting away from the rest of the braid.  ;)  This technique could be used to create an endless amount of hairstyles and variations.  We featured just a few ideas at the end of our video as examples. The braided flower (shown below) was my daughter's favorite, since the looped part of this braid looks just like flower petals!

The Melting Braid Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Cute braided flower made with "melting braids"

Flower made from hair. Video tutorial

Melting braid tie back hairstyle tutorial

Pretty hairstyle, the melted braid.

As shown in our tutorial (above) it may be helpful to work with wet hair, or to add some product (gel, pomade, wax, etc.) to help control flyaways and keep the small strands of hair separated while you are braiding.

Although this braid looks quite intricate, it really isn't that hard to create once you get the pattern down and I think the end result is worth the trouble!

If you love this technique, we have done a few similar braids in the past which you may like:

The cookie cutter braid
The scallop edge braid
The folded Feather Braid

Thanks so much for watching our hair tutorials each week!  We love you guys.
Goody Fancy Fishtail Braid Kit, Video Tutorial

We recently purchased a "Fancy Fishtail Kit" (made by Goody) and thought it was so fun, we decided to do a tutorial with it.  My daughter wears fishtail braids to school quite often, but loves the subtle style and flair these beads add to the braid.  On top of that, this tool is so much quicker for her than creating a regular fishtail braid (which can be quite time consuming on long hair) and on school mornings, she is all about quick!

Fishtail Braid With Beads, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

This hairstyle would be great for all ages... teens, little girls, even moms.  I could also see this working for casual as well as formal occasions.  The braid itself is quite standard, but the beads give it more of a glamorous look, which would be pretty for Prom, Homecoming, church, recitals, weddings, etc.  You can choose to leave the braid sleek and neat looking, or stretch it out and deconstruct it a bit for more of a relaxed, trendy, and voluminous look. 

My daughter was at school the day I had time to film this tutorial, but we wanted to show you what this looks like on real human hair. I think it's so pretty!

Fancy fishtail braid with beads, video tutorial.  Easy.

This braid can be created on the side (as shown) or in the low center.  Of course, this could also be placed in a high ponytail if you prefer, or even made as a half up hairstyle or wrapped into a bun.

This will work best with medium length or long hair and would be adorable with curly or wavy hair as well as straight. If your hair is longer than the tool,  you can extend the braid all the way to the end of your ponytail with a regular fishtail braid if you prefer, or you can stop at the last bead like we did.

As mentioned in our video, this kit comes in several different colors.  I have seen the beads in silver, gold, and black.  I tried searching online for a link to this kit and did not find it, even on Amazon (I think it is too new.)  But, it can be found in most discount and drug stores (we purchased ours at Walmart.) I am including a picture of the packaging (below) so that you can hopefully find if it if you are wanting one.

Goody fancy fishtail kit, video instructions.

Easy fishtail braid with beads tutorial
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