Dec 13, 2017

3D Christmas Tree Hair Tutorial

Christmas Tree Hairstyle Tutorial! 3D Bubble Braid.
This half up half down 3D "Christmas tree hairstyle" is so fun and would be perfect for your next holiday occasion!  We posted a simplified version of this Christmas hairstyle last year, which we called the "bubble braid Christmas tree." This year we have added some dimension to the tree by creating an extra loop in front of the braid (for a 3D effect) as well as some green ribbon for added color.  At the top of the tree we have placed a sparkly star clip.  You could add an angel, ornaments, lights, bows... whatever decorations you would like to your tree.

3D Christmas Tree Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

This hairstyle would be great for a Christmas party, Christmas Eve, meeting Santa, Christmas dinner, sledding, making gingerbread cookies and houses, a Christmas recital or play, school, or a hairstyle to go with an ugly sweater contest! ;)

3D Christmas Tree Hair Tutorial. Easy Video! #Christmas #Christmastreehair

Supplies needed to recreate this holiday hairstyle:
  • Several hair elastics. The amount will depend on the length of hair you are working with.
  • Green ribbon (optional.)
  • A Christmasy clip for the top of your tree (optional.)
  • Pomade, gel, hair wax, etc. to help control flyaways.
To see more Christmas hair ideas, click on our Christmas hairstyles collection. (Including a snowflake hairstyle, classic hair wreath or halo braid, cookie cutter or ornament braid, candy cane hairstyles, holiday updos, and several Christmas tree hairstyle ideas.)
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Dec 6, 2017

Decorated Pull Through Braids! 3 Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

3 cute Christmas hairstyles! Decorated pull through braids, video tutorial.

These 3 ponytail Christmas hairstyles would be great for many holiday parties and events this year!  We are loving these "decorated pull-through braids" as they are festive and fun, but not overly crazy.  I could see these styles working for little girls as well as teens and women. These 3 hairstyles could be worn to a Christmas party, any upcoming holiday event, to school or work, for New Years Eve, to church, or even a hairstyle to go with an ugly sweater contest. ;)

 Decorated Pull Through Braids Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

In this video hair tutorial, we show 3 different techniques for creating the decorated pull through braids. 

#1 Pull through braid with tinsel. This is the traditional method and most popular technique we have seen to make the braid (using garland as a substitute for the standard second section of hair in our decorated variation.)

Tinsel pull through braid, video tutorial. Cute for Christmas or New Years Eve hairstyle!

#2 Bubble braid with pulled through beads.  We came up with this method as we were experimenting and love it, as it halves the amount of elastics used in a traditional pull through style!

Pull through bubble braid with beads, video instructions.

#3 Reverse pull through braid with ribbon.  We have shared this inverted or reverse technique in the past.  For this tutorial we replaced the second section of hair with holiday ribbon.

Pull through braid with ribbon. Video instructions.

Of course, these hairstyles can be worn for many occasions year round and not just for Christmas!
Supplies needed to recreate these styles:
  • 1 large elastic or hair tie for the top of the ponytail.
  • Several medium size clear elastics (the amount will depend on the length of hair you are working with as well as the technique chosen.)
  • Decor for your pull through braid.  You could really add any type of ribbon, garland, beads, lace, yarn, etc. for all 3 of the techniques shown. We found all of our supplies at the Dollar Store.
  • Scissors to cut your decor to desired length.
  • You could definitely add some ornaments or lights to these styles (if that is the look you are going for.)  I'm thinking some jewels or other hair accessories placed at each elastic would also be lovely if you are wanting some added sparkle.
Holiday hairstyle ideas! Decorated pull through braids, video instructions.
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Nov 22, 2017

7 Ways To Make A Bun Using A Hair Donut!

7 cute bun hairstyle ideas using a hair donut or bun maker.

Today we are sharing 7 cute and easy bun hairstyles which were created using a hair donut, bun shaper, or bun maker! An entire week of hair ideas in one video! These buns would be perfect hairstyles for dance, figure skating, ballet, gymnastics, school, sports, recitals, communions, proms, homecoming, church, work, and every day wear. These are all heatless hairstyles.

This hair tutorial video is a compilation of hairstyle ideas we have shared in the past on our "princess hairstyles" youtube channel. As my daughter is a dancer, I can't tell you how many times we have needed to put her hair in a bun for performances. It is always nice to have a few ideas on hand showing how to do that! We have gathered 7 bun hairstyles all in one video to make it easier for you to find the perfect bun!

7 Cute Bun Hairstyles Video Tutorials: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Bun hairstyles included in this video w/ timestamps:

#1 Braided bubble bun 0:06
#2 Sock bun or doughnut bun with no ends to deal with 1:21
#3 Dance Bun or Ballet Bun for shorter hair 2:36
#4 Hot cross bun tutorial 3:10
#5 The "perfect bun" and overnight no heat curls 4:29
#6 Pinwheel bun tutorial 5:53
#7 Pinwheel bun shortcut tutorial 7:07

We didn't feel like any of these hairstyles needed detailed step by step tutorials, but just a quick overview showing the basic process of creating the styles.  We do have several videos on our blog showing how to braid, twist, and weave if you are wanting more detailed instructions.

These hairstyles would be great for teens, middle school, high school, and college students, although any age could wear them.

Supplies needed to recreate these styles:
  • The "hair donut" shown in our video can be found on Amazon (affiliate) or most discount and beauty stores.  
  • The "perfect bun" maker shown can be found on Amazon (affiliate.)
  • Several bobby pins
  • A hair tie for the initial ponytail
  • In the dance bun for shorter hair, we used a hair net which can also be found on Amazon (affiliate.)
Hope you like these bun, top knot, and chignon hairstyles!
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Nov 15, 2017

Woven Pie Crust Hair Tutorial, Holiday Hairstyles

Woven pie crust hairstyle. Christmas hairstyle, Thanksgiving hairstyle.
A braided and woven half up hairstyle, perfect for the upcoming holidays!  We have done similar styles in the past which involve weaving the hair and they usually end up being our favorite hairstyles! These intricate basket weave styles always garner tons of compliments and are actually easier than they look. 

This pretty holiday hairstyle doesn't have to be just for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc. but we thought it would be fun to name it something festive since we are in the midst of the holiday season (hence the name our boys came up with) the "woven pie crust hairstyle!"

Woven Pie Crust Hairstyle, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Pretty half up woven and braided hairstyle, video tutorial.
This hairstyle is a combination of several techniques: A half knot, feather braids, hair weaving, french braiding, and a pull-through faux waterfall technique.

As mentioned in our hair tutorial, I would recommend adding pomade, gel, or other hair product before starting.  You may find it easier to create this hairstyle using wet or damp hair (depending on the texture you are working with.)  Also, we mentioned a trick using rubber bands to help hold the style in place (towards the end of the video) for those of you with fine or silky hair.

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • Small clip  (to help hold the hair while you are working.)
  • 2 medium, clear rubber bands or hair elastics.
  • Topsy tail (optional)
  • Pomade, gel, or other hair product to help prevent flyaways.
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Nov 8, 2017

How To Curl Hair With A Flat Iron, Easy Tutorial & Tips and Tricks!

How to curl your hair with a flat iron video tutorial.

Our hair tutorial today shows how to curl your hair with a straightener or flat iron! We also show an easy "hair hack" or trick using nail polish to determine if you have spun the flat iron correctly to get the perfect curl.  We thought of this trick as my daughter was learning to curl her hair with a flat iron for the first time and are hoping it will help other beginners. This method can be tricky to master at first, but once you get it down, it becomes easy and so fun.  We love these curls because they last for days and look so gorgeous!

Step By Step "How To Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron" Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

As mentioned in our curling tutorial (above) depending on how you twist the flat iron, you can make looser waves, beachy waves, or bouncy curls using the same technique.

Curling your hair with a straightener, step by step.

How to curl hair with a flat iron video tutorial, plus tips and tricks.

If you are looking for a flat iron to purchase, we recommend finding one with rounded edged plates (which will both straighten and curl your hair.)  The one we used in this tutorial has been great and is made by NuMe.  We found it on Amazon. (Affiliate.)

The heat protectant we used is made by Tresseme and can also be found on Amazon. (Affiliate.)
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Nov 1, 2017

Getting A Haircut At The Salon, Layers For The First Time!

Hair cut video, long hair with layers

Hey guys, come along with us to the salon where she gets layers cut for the first time!  We thought it would be fun to do something different this week and show you a "behind the scenes" look at her fun new haircut.  She has had her hair cut more dramatically short (to her shoulders) in the past and donated it, but she has never had layers!

Hair Cut Video: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

She is loving her fresh new cut and it looks so stylish and cute down (straight or curled.) But FYI... layers do make your hair more difficult to braid (since you will have shorter hair mixed in with longer pieces.) If any of you are thinking of doing the same type of cut but still want to be able to wear your hair up,  I would suggest asking for "long layers" which is what she got.  While it will be more difficult, she should still be able to do most braids, ponytails, buns, etc, since her layers don't start up super high on her head.

P.S. If you would like a tutorial showing how she curled her hair with a flat iron at the end of the video, let us know and we can work on getting that out. ;)
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Oct 25, 2017

17 Halloween Hairstyles

17 Halloween Hair Ideas, including tutorials

Looking for the perfect Halloween Hairstyle to go with your Halloween costume? We have rounded up 17 of our favorite Halloween hair tutorials to give you some inspiration!  All of these hairstyles are fairly easy and can be done using your own hair. Whether you are dressing up as something scary, cute, silly, funny, or pretty, we hope you can find what you are looking for.

Click on the title above each picture to be taken to a step by step video tutorial showing how to recreate the style.

Spider Hairstyle
This one would be cute on its own, or to go with a witch costume or other scary costume!
Spider hair tutorial for Halloween

Candy corn hair tutorial, for Halloween and Fall

Including hairstyles for Elsa, Anna, Belle, Cinderella, and Jasmine

6 easy Disney Princess hair tutorials, so easy!

Wonder woman hairstyle tutorial, so unique

Shows how to make a cute Trolls headband to go with your Trolls costume.
Trolls headband tutorial for Halloween costume

Tinker Bell hair tutorial, faux bangs using your own hair

Unique spider web hair tutorial
Spider web hairstyle tutorial for Halloween
Would be great for many scary costumes, or on its own!
Eyeball hair tutorial for Halloween

Unicorn hairstyle tutorial, perfect for Halloween!
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Oct 18, 2017

Tinker Bell Hair Tutorial

Tinkerbell hair tutorial

This Tinkerbell hair tutorial is inspired by the hairstyle worn on Disney's fairy Tinker Bell in the movie Peter Pan! A cute messy bun or "top knot" wrapped with ribbon and side swept bangs.  Of course, my daughter doesn't have bangs (as I'm sure many of you don't as well) so we made some "fake bangs" using her own hair!

Tinker Bell Hairstyle, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

We have always loved Disney hairstyles and Halloween hairstyles and could not wait to film this hair tutorial! We have loved watching Disney movies and think Tinker Bell would be such a fun character to dress up as for Halloween, or for your next trip to Disneyland, Disneyworld, or Disney birthday party. This hairstyle would look great with a Tinker Bell fairy costume! 

Tinker bell bun tutorial

Tinker bell hairstyle tutorial, how to make faux bangs

The method we used for creating the "faux fringe" or bangs could be used for every day hairstyles as well (this doesn't have to be just for Tinkerbell!)  It might be fun to change up your look and have bangs for the day.  I have seen this method used with a thick headband placed in front of the bun, which ends up making the bangs look really authentic and more natural!

Disney hairstyle tutorial, Tinker Bell, how to make fake bangs

Supplies we used to create this look:
  • 1 Hair tie
  •  Several bobby pins
  •  Flat Iron (affiliate)
For more Halloween Hairstyles, check out our Disney Princess Hairstyles collection.  We have renditions of hairstyles for Jasmine, Elsa, Anna, Cinderella, Belle & Aurora!

Tinkerbell Hair Tutorial With Fake Bangs Using Your Own Hair! #halloweenhairstyles
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Oct 11, 2017

Wonder Woman hairstyle tutorial! DIY Braided Headpiece, Halloween Hair

Wonder Woman hairstyle tutorial! How to make a WW headband using braids for Halloween.

You'll love this Wonder Woman hairstyle featuring a DIY headpiece made from your own hair! A perfect Halloween hairstyle to go with your Wonder Woman costume.  And the best part? You will not need to purchase or make a wonder woman headband or crown to complete your look. Our tutorial today shows how to create a wonder woman headband using 4 cornrow braids and an inexpensive red or gold star sticker.  This warrior braid / super hero hairstyle is edgy, unique, and fierce. So fun!

Wonder Woman Hairstyle, Braided Headband Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

As mentioned in our wonder woman hair tutorial (above) we would suggest adding large, voluminous curls to complete your wonder woman Halloween costume and hairstyle.  We have a tutorial showing how to curl hair with a curling wand that would work great. I would suggest using a large barrel for loose, bouncy curls.

Wonder woman DIY headpiece or headband tutorial.

 Supplies needed to recreate this Wonder Woman inspired headpiece:
  • Several small, clear hair elastics.
  • Sectioning clips (alligator clips or claw clips) to help keep hair out of your way while braiding. 
  • A gold or red star sticker.
  • Pomade, gel, hairspray, etc. to help control flyaways.
Over the years we have seen many awesome hairstyles using braids placed over the forehead on Instagram and Pinterest and had the idea to make a wonder woman headband using this concept a few months ago when we heard there would be a DC comics wonder woman movie coming out in 2017! A few inspiring hairstyle accounts we have seen these trendy "forehead braid" or braided tiara warrior princess hairstyles on recently: @ashley_cardon_hairstyles @trenzasnmba @vlechtidee @brianasbraids @ashton_hairstyles @tinkerbeanpoplettes_hairdesign

Hope you enjoyed our Wonder Woman hairstyle tutorial.  Happy Halloween!
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Oct 4, 2017

6 Disney Princess Hair Tutorials!

6 Disney princess hair tutorials! Video instructions for each hairstyle. #halloween #halloweenhairstyles #disney #disneyprincess

This week we wanted to share 6 of our favorite Disney Princess Hair tutorials (including Elsa, Anna, Belle, Cinderella, and Jasmine) all together in one compilation video! We thought these would be great Halloween hairstyles to go with your princess costumes and dresses, or for your next trip to Disneyland, Disney world, a princess birthday party, or dress up event. All of these princess hairstyles are fairly easy and "doable." We have tried to simplify and modify the styles to work with "real hair" as most of us weren't born with long, thick, flowing, cartoon princess locks!

6 Disney Princess Hairstyles, Video Tutorials: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Princess hairstyles included in this video:

Elsa hair tutorial, coronation updo from the movie Frozen

Elsa hair tutorial, Disney's Frozen, hairstyle video

Belle hair tutorial from Beauty and the Beast

Belle hairstyle, Beauty and the Beast, video tutorial

Cinderella ball hairstyle (mostly down with twisted crown) from the live action movie

Cinderella hair tutorial, ball hairstyle from the live action movie

Cinderella hairstyle (classic updo with headband)

Cinderella hairstyle, video tutorial

Anna hairstyle, coronation updo from Frozen

Anna hairstyle, from the Disney movie Frozen, video tutorial

Jasmine hair tutorial from Aladdin

Jasmine hairstyle, from Aladdin, video tutorial

Supplies and video links:

Topsy tail tool (affiliate) shown in our video used to create Belle hair and Cinderella hair.

Sponge rag curlers tutorial for Cinderella hair.

We hope you enjoyed these Disney hair tutorials! We had fun looking through our archives to find all of these styles, some dating back to 2010!
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Sep 27, 2017

Squiggle Knot Braid, Beautiful Half Up Hairstyle Tutorial

Squiggle knot braid video tutorial

For today's hairstyle tutorial, we have combined a lace feather braid with a  new knotting technique to create a gorgeous and unique braided half up hairstyle for long and medium length hair.

We're loving the intricate look of this squiggle braid!  I could see this working as a bridal hairstyle or for many other special occasions (Prom, Homecoming, recitals, communions, etc.) The knotted lace or woven lattice pattern reminds me of something you would see on a medieval princess or at a renaissance fair!

Squiggle Knot Braid Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

This style is surprisingly easier than it looks and fairly quick to make (after you get the knot tying technique down) and should hold up decently well since it is secured with braids on both the top and bottom of the delicate knots. 

Squiggle knot braid, pretty braided hairstyle

Hair tutorial, squiggle knot braid half up hairstyle

 Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 2 small, clear, hair elastics,
  • Pomade, gel, serum, or other hair product to help control flyaways.
 The trick to getting this pattern to look nice is tying all of the knots the same way (as shown in our video tutorial above) and using hair product before you start to keep things smooth and neat.

Hope you enjoy!
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