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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Butterfly Hairstyle

Butterfly hairstyle video tutorial
A cute hairstyle for spring!

Our video this week is a highly requested tutorial for a cute braided butterfly hairstyle which we first saw on an Instagram account (pr3ttygirl79) a few weeks ago.  You can see the original photo here. After reposting this fun spring style on our Instagram and Facebook pages, we had an overwhelming amount of requests for a tutorial. So, we decided to try and recreate it for you.  I have to admit that our recreation did not turn out nearly as cute as the original! And I'm not exactly sure we did it the same way "pr3ttygirl79" did. But... an "A" for effort, right? ;)  We had fun trying, and "the Princess" absolutely loved wearing this hairstyle.  By the way, wouldn't this be a cute hairstyle for Easter?

Braided butterfly video tutorial

This one is definitely an "attention getter.".  You can be certain that wherever you wear this hairstyle, you will receive many compliments and inquiries about it.  I love that although it is clearly a butterfly, it's not super "over the top" or obnoxious.  Without the antennas, the bun itself is actually quite classic looking and beautifully elegant.

Spring hairstyle, butterfly hair tutorial

As shown in our video (below) we used part of the ribbon from our 4-strand braid to create the "antennas" for our butterfly.  If you would rather use pipe cleaners or wire instead, feel free (and of course, if you don't want antennas in our hair, you don't have to add them at all.)  Also, you can really use any type of braid you want for the center of the style.  You can substitute the 4-strand for a 3-strand, fishtail, rope braid etc.  It's up to you!

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 1 medium size elastic for the ponytail
  • Ribbon (ours was approx. 2 feet long)
  • 4 small, clear elastics
  • Topsy Tail (optional)
  • Several bobby pins
  • Alligator or claw clips (temporary)
  • Gel, pomade, or water for controlling flyaways (optional)

Butterfly Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How To, Curling Wand Curls

Curling Wand Curls, Video Tutorial

Our hair tutorial this week shows how to create gorgeous spiral curls using a curling wand. 

"The Princess" has been wearing these curls quite often to school lately.  She loves that these curls will last 2 days with minimal time spent doing her hair on the second morning!  On the third day, we usually use the leftover curls to make a cute updo or textured braided style.

Gorgeous curling wand curls

We are loving the modern look of these wand curls.  In my opinion, the curl pattern ends up looking much more natural than a standard curling iron ringlet.

We used the smallest attachment (19mm) in our NuMe "Curl Jam Set" for this tutorial, as the Princess prefers tighter curls. But, if you are wanting loose curls, or waves (which are so popular right now) you can use the same technique we used in our video (below) with a larger barrel instead.  

Curling wand curls, how to video

 Curling Wand Curls Video Tutorial.  (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

NuMe has generously offered all of our viewers some great discount codes below:



Supplies needed to recreate these curls:
  • Curling wand. We used the NuMe Curl Jam Set with the 19mm attachment.
  • Heat Protectant (optional, but highly recommended.)
  • Argan Oil (optional.)
  • Finishing hairspray (optional.)
  • Heat resistant glove (optional.) 

FYI, I am not a huge fan of using heat daily, as I feel like it is quite damaging to your hair.  But, we have found that if we use a good heat protectant and only "heat style" occasionally, the damage is minimal and the results are worth it.  Sometimes you just want cute curls and don't have time for "no heat" alternatives. I would also recommend using the lowest heat setting, for the least amount of time possible (that will still curl your hair.)  Products such as leave in conditioners, oils, and deep conditioning treatments regularly can also help.

FTC:  NuMe partnered with us to bring you this post.  The Curl Jam Set was gifted for the purpose of this tutorial and review.  We are not earning commissions on product sold using the coupon codes or links provided.  Opinions expressed are always our own.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles, Braided Ribbon Headband and Clover

St. Patrick's Day hairstyle tutorial

This week we wanted to put together a quick St. Patrick's Day hairstyle idea, since St. Patrick's is right around the corner.  ;)  This hairstyle is a spin off of a technique we posted a few years ago, the ribbon flower/clover.  We think this ribbon "4 leaf clover" looks cute as an accent to the braided headband on this style.

4 leaf clover ribbon headband tutorial

Of course, this hairstyle can be used for other occasions besides just St. Patrick's Day. The green ribbon can be switched out for any color you want.   And, instead of forming a clover or shamrock with the ribbon, you could actually just tie a regular bow instead.

Ribbon braid headband video tutorial

We were trying to keep this hairstyle fairly simple and quick. But if you want to create the headband using a French braiding technique, you can definitely add in hair from the bangs area while you are braiding for a more intricate braid.  Also, if the 4 strand braid is too difficult or time consuming for your liking, you can actually make this style using just a regular 3 strand braid (with the ribbon replacing one strand.) 

St. Patrick's Day clover headband tutorial

Supplies Needed To Recreate This Hairstyle:
  • 2 3ft (approx.) lengths of ribbon
  • 1 small hair elastic
  • temporary hair tie or clip
  • scissors to trim the ribbon
Braided Ribbon Headband and Clover Video Tutorial:  (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

If you are looking for St. Patty's Day hair ideas, we have a few more to choose from here: St Patricks Day Hairstyle Collection (Including a couple of shamrock hairstyles, a rainbow bun, and rainbow ponytail, as well as several hairstyles using green ribbon.
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