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Arrow Braid Heart Hairstyle For Valentine's Day

Cute heart hairstyle for Valentines Day. Video instructions.

Our hair tutorial this week is a pretty half-up heart hairstyle. We have combined an arrowhead/ladder braid with a "heart knot" to create this fun new Valentine's hairstyle for 2018.

Over the years, valentines and heart hairstyles have been some of our favorite styles to create.  If you are looking for heart hairstyle ideas, we have more than we can count on our website, some of them dating back to 08'!  You can check those out here: Heart Hairstyle Ideas

Arrow Braid Heart Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

You might remember a style we posted several years ago called the "heart knot hairstyle" which has been quite popular on social media. And then last year we added one of our favorite and easiest Valentine's hairstyles, the "hanging heart ponytail" which uses the heart knot technique shown in today's video. We decided to combine the heart knot technique with a ladder braid... which sort of ended up looking like an arrowhead braid or fairy wings braid and we are loving how it turned out!

Valentines Day hairstyle tutorial. Arrow braid heart.

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 4 small/medium size hair elastics.
  • Several clips or hair ties to temporarily hold the hair while you are working.
  • Pomade, gel, hair wax or other product to help avoid flyaways.
  • Long or medium length hair.

This style would not only be cute for valentine's day, it would also make an adorable flower girl hairstyle for a wedding or other special occasion.  Hearts can really be worn year round!

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