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Valentine's Day Hairstyle For Teens! Braided Faux Hawk With Heart Braid Accent

Heart hairstyle tutorial. Braided faux hawk with cute heart accent.

Looking for heart hairstyles? You'll love this braided faux hawk with an adorable heart accent.

We love heart hairstyles and have traditionally added a few heart themed tutorials each year on our hair4myprincess YouTube Channel and Princess Hairstyles blog. As my daughter is now a teenager, we wanted something a little more grown up this year.  We are loving the combination of an edgy and contemporary faux hawk mixed with a super cute and dainty heart.  Like denim and lace, this unexpected combo is very chic! This Valentine's hairstyle would be perfect for school, work, Valentine's Day parties and dances, weddings, and other special or casual occasions.

Braided Faux Hawk and Heart Accent Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

This style was created by combining several techniques: a voluminous french braid faux hawk, a standard ponytail, and a cute heart accent braid which was inspired by several tutorials we have seen on Instagram and Youtube. Cute Girls Hairstyles, Brown Haired Bliss, Learn Do Teach Hairstyles, Two Little Girls Hairstyles, Easy Toddler Hairstyles and Toddler Hair Ideas are just a few accounts where we remember seeing this type of braided heart.

Cute heart hairstyle for Valentine's Day! Video tutorial.

If you would rather rope twist, fishtail, or leave the hair unbraided in your heart, you could do that instead for a slightly different look.  You could also add another heart directly underneath the first one for a double heart look!  As mentioned in our video tutorial, a piece of hair could be wrapped around the top of the ponytail for a modern and sophisticated looking finish.

Wanting more heart hairstyles?  Check out our Valentine's hair playlist with many more heart hair ideas to browse through.

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