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Jan 31, 2018

Arrow Braid Heart Hairstyle For Valentine's Day

Cute heart hairstyle for Valentines Day. Video instructions.

Our hair tutorial this week is a pretty half-up heart hairstyle. We have combined an arrowhead/ladder braid with a "heart knot" to create this fun new Valentine's hairstyle for 2018.

Over the years, valentines and heart hairstyles have been some of our favorite styles to create.  If you are looking for heart hairstyle ideas, we have more than we can count on our website, some of them dating back to 08'!  You can check those out here: Heart Hairstyle Ideas

Arrow Braid Heart Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

You might remember a style we posted several years ago called the "heart knot hairstyle" which has been quite popular on social media. And then last year we added one of our favorite and easiest Valentine's hairstyles, the "hanging heart ponytail" which uses the heart knot technique shown in today's video. We decided to combine the heart knot technique with a ladder braid... which sort of ended up looking like an arrowhead braid or fairy wings braid and we are loving how it turned out!

Valentines Day hairstyle tutorial. Arrow braid heart.

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 4 small/medium size hair elastics.
  • Several clips or hair ties to temporarily hold the hair while you are working.
  • Pomade, gel, hair wax or other product to help avoid flyaways.
  • Long or medium length hair.

This style would not only be cute for valentine's day, it would also make an adorable flower girl hairstyle for a wedding or other special occasion.  Hearts can really be worn year round!
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Jan 24, 2018

Valentine's Day Hairstyle For Teens! Braided Faux Hawk With Heart Braid Accent

Heart hairstyle tutorial. Braided faux hawk with cute heart accent.

Looking for heart hairstyles? You'll love this braided faux hawk with an adorable heart accent.

We love heart hairstyles and have traditionally added a few heart themed tutorials each year on our hair4myprincess YouTube Channel and Princess Hairstyles blog. As my daughter is now a teenager, we wanted something a little more grown up this year.  We are loving the combination of an edgy and contemporary faux hawk mixed with a super cute and dainty heart.  Like denim and lace, this unexpected combo is very chic! This Valentine's hairstyle would be perfect for school, work, Valentine's Day parties and dances, weddings, and other special or casual occasions.

Braided Faux Hawk and Heart Accent Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

This style was created by combining several techniques: a voluminous french braid faux hawk, a standard ponytail, and a cute heart accent braid which was inspired by several tutorials we have seen on Instagram and Youtube. Cute Girls Hairstyles, Brown Haired Bliss, Learn Do Teach Hairstyles, Two Little Girls Hairstyles, Easy Toddler Hairstyles and Toddler Hair Ideas are just a few accounts where we remember seeing this type of braided heart.

Cute heart hairstyle for Valentine's Day! Video tutorial.

If you would rather rope twist, fishtail, or leave the hair unbraided in your heart, you could do that instead for a slightly different look.  You could also add another heart directly underneath the first one for a double heart look!  As mentioned in our video tutorial, a piece of hair could be wrapped around the top of the ponytail for a modern and sophisticated looking finish.

Wanting more heart hairstyles?  Check out our Valentine's hair playlist with many more heart hair ideas to browse through.
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Jan 17, 2018

Heart Hairstyles Compilation, 9 Ways To Make A Heart In Your Hair!

9 Valentines Day hairstyles! Heart hairstyle video tutorials. #valentines #hearthairstyles

Today we are sharing 9 cute and easy heart hairstyles! More than a week of heart hair ideas in one video! These hairstyles would be perfect for Valentine's Day, flower girls, weddings, school, dances, recitals, communions, church, all month long in February, and every day wear. These are all heatless hairstyles.

This hair tutorial video is a compilation of hairstyle ideas we have shared in the past on our "princess hairstyles" blog and youtube channel, dating back to 2008! Valentine's Day has always been one of our favorite holidays to style hair and we wanted to create a video showcasing many of our favorite heart hairstyle ideas in one place for you!

9 Heart Valentine's Hairstyles, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Heart hairstyles included in this video w/ timestamps:

#1 Heart Knot Hairstyle 0:03
#2 Quick and Easy Heart Ponytail 0:49
#3 Braided Heart or Triangle Hairstyle 1:40
#4 Half Up 3D Heart Hairstyle 2:46
#5 Double Heart Hairstyle 3:54
#6 Braided Heart Headband 4:48
#7 Easy Pull Through Heart Ponytail 6:17
#8 4 Strand Slide Up Ribbon Braid Heart Ponytail 7:16
#9 Lace French Braid Heart Ponytail 9:09

We didn't feel like any of these hairstyles needed detailed step by step tutorials, but just a quick overview showing the basic process of creating the styles.  We do have several videos on our channel showing how to braid, twist, and weave if you are wanting more detailed instructions.

The "topsy tail tool" shown in our video can be found on Amazon (affiliate) here: Topsy Tail

These hairstyles would be great for little girls, teens, middle school, high school, and college students... any age could wear them.

Hope you love these heart hairstyles!
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Mar 22, 2017

Prom Hairstyle, Romantic Twist Half Up

Pretty Prom hairstyle. Romantic twist half up.
Looking for a hairstyle for Prom?  You'll love this beautiful bohemian half up hairstyle!

This gorgeous twisted crown hairstyle may be easy enough to do on yourself as a DIY prom hairstyle!  No difficult braiding skills are required, just a simple twisting technique (that anyone can do) will create this glamorous princess hairstyle.

Our neighbor asked if I would do her hair for Prom recently and this was the style she requested in the form of a photo. The hairstyle turned out so beautiful on her and looked stunning with her Prom dress, so we thought we would share this Prom hair tutorial in case any of you are looking for a formal hairstyle to wear to your next dance, wedding, or fancy event!  Although this style is quite simple, I think it is really gorgeous.  

Romantic Twist Half Up Prom Hairstyle Video Tutorial
: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

You'll notice in our tutorial that we show a little trick to place volume at the crown of her head without having to tease her hair (which can be damaging and a pain to comb out later.) We also show how to cover the elastic in the center of the hairstyle in a way that blends in nicely with the twists and doesn't require any additional bobby pins or elastics.

Prom hairstyle tutorial. Half up twist princess hairstyle.

Half up prom hairstyle tutorial. Romantic twist with loose curls.

 Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 2 medium size, clear hair elastics.
  • To create natural looking, soft, loose curls, we used our "reverse curling wand" (affiliate.)
  •  Before applying heat, you may want to use heat protectant to help minimize the damage to your hair.  The one we have been using and is shown in our video is from TRESemme (affiliate.)
  • Finishing hairspray.

This hairstyle is similar to the Aurora hairstyle (inspired by Disney's "Maleficent") that we did over on the Disney Style YouTube channel a few years ago.  If you love this look, you can check that out to see another technique for creating a twisted half up style.
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Feb 8, 2017

4 Strand Rosette Heart Hairstyle For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day hairstyle. 4 strand rosette heart hair tutorial.

Looking for Valentine's Day hairstyles? We have one more for you today! You'll love this romantic half up, half down 4 strand braid rosette heart hairstyle.

The basic technique and concept for creating this type of heart hairstyle (by wrapping the hair around 2 ponytails at the top of the heart) is nothing new and has been a popular Valentine's hairstyle over the past few years.  We love this base style and thought it would be fun to try it with a 4 strand ribbon braid and love how it turned out! We thought the "swirls" at the top of the heart looked like little roses (or rosettes) and the ribbon really makes the heart "pop."  You'll notice that we used fairly thick ribbon and made loose braids for "fluffy" looking roses and a pretty "lace like" heart shape.  If you use thinner ribbon and braid tight, your heart will come out more distinct and uniform looking, which is also a beautiful variation.

4 Strand Rosette Heart Hairstyle, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Heart hair tutorial. 4 strand rosette half up half down hairstyle.

My daughter was wearing braids the night before we filmed this hairstyle to create some no-heat waves and texture.  This style would work great with straight hair, wavy hair, or curly hair.  If your hair is shorter, you could make the buns at the top separately and then start a new braid beneath the bun on each side to form the rest of the heart.

Pretty heart hairstyle for Valentine's Day. 4 strand rosette tutorial.

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle: 
  • 3 small, clear hair elastics.
  • Several bobby pins.  We used miniature pins from Sally Beauty Supply (affiliate.) We have found that smaller pins are easier to hide in delicate styles like this.
  • Ribbon.  We used about 2 feet on each half of the heart.
Find more heart hairstyles in our Valentine's Day hair playlist on YouTube.
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Feb 1, 2017

Elastic Braid Twist Heart Hairstyle Tutorial For Valentine's

Elastic braid twist heart hair tutorial.  Cute and easy Valentine's Day Hairstyle.
Looking for Valentine's Day hairstyles? You'll love this beautiful twisted heart, elastic braid, romantic half-up hairstyle.

This easy hairstyle would be perfect for school, work, Valentine's Day parties and dances, weddings, and other special or casual occasions. And the best part?  You don't even need to know how to braid!  This style was created by using a series of ponytails (which we call an elastic braid) to create a "french braid effect" without having to braid at all.

Elastic Braid Twist Heart Hairstyle, Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

We used a simple twisting technique to place the heart in this hairstyle.  If you would rather braid or rope twist each half of the heart for a slightly different look, feel free to do that instead.  Also, as mentioned in our video tutorial (above) we chose to leave this as a half up, half down hairstyle. But, you could keep going with the elastic braid (or any other type of braid) to the ends of her hair, or add a ponytail, or bun at the bottom of the heart for more of an updo look if you desire.

Simple heart hairstyle tutorial. Elastic braid twist heart.

Easy heart hairstyle for Valentines.  Elastic braid twist heart tutorial.

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • Several small hair elastics
  • Topsy Tail (optional, although it does make this style easier.) If you are wanting one, they are on sale right now on Amazon: Topsy tail link (affiliate.)  
  • Finishing hairspray, gel, pomade, etc. (Optional)
Find more Heart Hairstyles in our Valentine's Hair Playlist on Youtube.
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Jan 25, 2017

Streaming Heart Hairstyle For Valentine's

Pretty streaming heart hairstyle for Valentine's Day, Video tutorial
New streaming heart hairstyle tutorial. One of our best and favorite Valentine's hairstyles so far!

Hey guys, this week our hair tutorial is on this beautiful "streaming heart" hairstyle.  We have combined a feather braid (you could use a waterfall braid if you prefer) and a braided heart to create this lovely half up design. 

This style would be great for Valentine's day, school, a formal dance (Prom / Homecoming) church, weddings, special occasions, anytime during February, flower girls, etc.  We created this look with older girls and teens in mind, although it would be adorable for little girls as well. I would not recommend this hairstyle for high activity days or sports as it is quite delicate.  ;) If you want to make this style more "activity friendly" you could always add a bun, ponytail, or braid with the remaining hair at the bottom of the heart (instead of leaving her hair mostly down.)

Streaming Heart Hairstyle, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Braided heart hairstyle tutorial. Streaming heart hairdo for Valentines.

Cute braided heart hair for Valentine's day. Video tutorial.
Looking for more heart hairstyle ideas? Check out our Valentine's hairstyles compilation playlist on YouTube!

Supplies needed to recreate this heart hairstyle:   
  • 2 medium size hair elastics
  • Temporary hair ties or clips 
  • Pomade, gel, or hair wax
  • Finishing hairspray
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Jan 18, 2017

Hanging Heart Ponytail

Quick and easy heart hairstyle for Valentines.  Hanging heart ponytail tutorial.

Our hair tutorial this week is a cute and easy heart ponytail hairstyle!

I can't believe it is already time to start thinking about Valentine's hairstyles for 2017.  Over the years, Valentines and heart hairstyles have been some of our favorite styles to create.  If you are looking for heart hairstyle ideas, we have more than we can count on our website, some of them dating way back to 08'!  You can check those out here: Heart Hairstyles

We love that this hanging heart ponytail is quick and easy with no special braiding skills required. Perfect for school mornings!

Hanging Heart Ponytail Video Tutorial:  Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube. 

Cute heart hairstyle.  Hanging heart ponytail.

Easy heart hairstyle tutorial.  Hanging heart ponytail video.

Although we demonstrated this technique showing one single heart in a ponytail, you could add more than one heart if you choose, or add this heart as an accent to a variety of different style options such as a half up, etc.  This style would not only be cute for Valentine's day, but would also make an adorable flower girl hairstyle for a wedding.

You might remember a style we posted a couple of years ago called the "heart knot hairstyle" which has been quite popular on social media.  The heart shown in our tutorial today is made using a similar technique, although the knots forming the top of the heart are tied in a slightly different way.  In our opinion, we prefer the way this "hanging heart" is shaped (with a more distinct point where the halves of the heart meet in the center.)

(Comparison photo below with the "heart knot" on the left and the "hanging heart" on the right.)

Heart knot hairstyle and hanging heart, comparison photo.

Supplies needed to recreate this look:
  • 2 small hair elastics to create the heart
  • 1 medium or large hair tie for the top of the ponytail
  • Pomade, gel, or other product to help control flyaways
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Dec 7, 2016

Side Braided Wreath Or Halo Braid Hairstyle

side halo braid or wreath braid tutorial
A cute braided hairstyle for Christmas (or anytime.) No bobby pins required!

Hey guys! This week we are showing a fun variation of the standard halo braid (or wreath braid) which is always a popular style this time of year.  We have utilized an "off centered" dutch lace braid to create this halo on the side of her head, instead of in the center (which is more typical of this style.)  We chose to leave most of her hair down for an elegant half up look.  If you want to make this an updo, you could incorporate all of her hair into this side halo braid as well. 

This would be a fabulous hairstyle for many formal or special occasions:  Holiday parties, church, Christmas Eve, school dances, recitals, etc.

Side Braided Wreath or Halo Braid, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on Youtube.)

Side halo braid or wreath braid half up hairstyle

Pretty Christmas hairstyle, side halo braid tutorial

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle: 
  • 1 medium size clear elastic
  • Hair product to help control flyaways
  • We love that we were able to finish this style with no bobby pins!  If you have fairly long hair, the braid should hold just fine on its own by using the topsy tail technique shown in our video.  If your hair is shorter, you will most likely need a few pins to hold the end in place. 
  • Topsy Tail. These can be found in some stores where beauty supplies are sold, and online here (affiliate.)
  • Decorative hair clips or pins (optional.) We purchased ours at Sally Beauty Supply. We found something similar online here (affiliate.) 
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Feb 10, 2016

2 Easy Heart Knot Ponytails, Valentine's Day Hairstyles

2 easy heart ponytail hairstyles for valentine's day

We wanted to share one more heart hairstyle with you this year before Valentine's day! Although as you can see, we actually ended up with 1 heart ponytail and a bonus 2nd style as well, which sort of looks like a heart too.... or just a fancy braided ponytail that could be worn any time!  ;)

Easy Heart Knot Ponytail Hairstyles For Valentine's Day, Video Tutorials: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

The first heart ponytail in our video is inspired by a hairstyle we saw on facebook recently, which unfortunately had been shared with no link back to the original creator that I could find.  We love how simple, quick and cute this braided heart ponytail is.  Definitely one that could be a DIY!

Heart knot hairstyle tutorial. Easy!

Heart knot ponytail hair tutorial

The second style in our video is a variation of the first.  We added a simple French twist on each side of the ponytail for some extra texture and volume.  We love how this 2nd ponytail turned out, but the heart shape is not as defined as the first style (since the braids are partially hidden under the twists on each side.)  Although this is not one of our best braided hearts, we thought the hairstyle was still super cute for many other occasions, so decided to share it anyway.

Cute and easy ponytail with twists and braids

heart ponytail with twists

Supplies needed to recreate these ponytails:
  • 1 medium size clear elastic
  • 1 small, clear elastic
  • 2 temporary hair ties or clips
  • Topsy Tail (optional)
P.S. We purchased the topsy tail (affiliate) shown in our video online. The one we bought is made by "Conair" and seems to be of better quality than other cheaper versions we have tried (which tend to break easily.)

Find more heart hairstyle ideas here:  Valentine's Day Hairstyles
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Jan 20, 2016

Half-Up 3D Heart Hairstyle, Valentine's Day Hairstyles

3D Heart Hairstyle Tutorial

A cute and easy braided heart hairstyle, perfect for Valentines Day!  We love that this 3d half-up heart is more of a "grown up" heart hairstyle for teens and women to wear (as well as for little girls of course.)

This particular heart style was inspired by a hairstyle we posted a few years ago (which has become quite popular) called the "fairy wings braid" and as another variation, the "arrowhead braid." This heart design was formed using basically the same technique, with a few slight changes to form the heart shape. We are loving the "puffy" 3d effect which shows the heart from all angles!

half up 3d heart hairstyle

Half-Up 3D Heart Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Obviously this would be a cute hairstyle for Valentine's Day, but this style could also be worn for other occasions.  I'm thinking this would be adorable for a wedding (flower girls, bridesmaids, etc.) or for school.

Cute hairstyle for Valentines Day, the 3d heart

Valentine's Day Hairstyles, 3d braided heart tutorial

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 2 small hair elastics.
  • An alligator or claw clip to help keep the hair sectioned and braided while you are working.
  • Finishing hairspray, pomade, gel, etc. (optional)
  • If you are having a hard time keeping your heart in place, you may want to add a couple of bobby pins to the finished look.
We have been "hair blogging" for 8 years now! And during each January/February of those 8 years, we have posted several heart shaped or heart themed hairstyles.... which adds up to a lot of hearts. I actually counted up 25 heart hairstyles on our site so far! So, if you are looking for more Valentine's hair ideas, be sure to click over to see all 25. (Some of them are from before we started  doing YouTube and are picture tutorials only.)
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Feb 11, 2015

Braided Heart Headband, Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Heart headband hairstyle for Valentine's Day

Each year since we began blogging (from 2008 - 2015) we have added a few heart hairstyles to our Valentine's Day Hairstyles collection.  Some of our first styles were from before we even started making videos on YouTube and include a "pictorial" instead of video instructions. But, if you are looking for more heart hairstyle ideas or Valentine's styles in general, feel free to visit our blog here.   At last count, we had over 20 different heart styles to choose from!  And, we are not the only ones creating cute Valentine's hairdos, look here to see more fun styles from all around the web. ;)  

Heart headband hairstyle

For our last Valentine's style of this year, we chose a "braided heart headband" which is inspired by a photo we saw on Instagram last February on "chikas_chic" account:   We thought this braided headband was so cute and girly that we had to try and recreate it.  I think this has to be one of our favorite heart hairdos to date!

Heart headband with side ponytail

We chose to finish off our style with a side ponytail the day we filmed our tutorial (we were going out and it was incredibly windy.)  But of course, if you would rather leave your hair mostly down, this hairstyle is super cute worn as just the headband itself. Some added curls or waves would also add a nice romantic touch, if you have some extra time.

Dutch braid headband

We decided on a Dutch braid (or inside out French braid) for the base braid in our headband.  You can make a regular French braid, lace braid (or any other type of braid) if you prefer.

Supplies needed to create this style:
  • 2 small hair elastics
  • hair clip
  • temporary hair ties
  • gel or pomade (optional)
  • topsy tail (optional)
  • bow or other accessory (optional)

Braided Heart Headband Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

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Feb 4, 2015

3 Heart Ponytails! Valentine's Day Hairstyles

3 heart ponytail hairstyles for valentine's day, video tutorial

Today our Valentine's Hairstyle tutorial features 3 cute heart shaped hairstyles which all start out using the same technique.  The basic concept and idea for these heart ponytails (& the original first ponytail shown in our video) was inspired by an awesome Instagram account called "Ice_Braids."  We loved how simple and cute this ponytail looked when we first saw it, so we had to try it.... and we wanted to add a couple of variations of our own to the mix just for fun.

All three of these heart hairstyles would be cute for Valentine's Day, a flower girl, or any time you want to wear a heart in your hair.  ;)

Hairstyle #1, The Braided Heart Ponytail. (Find step by step instructions for all 3 styles in our video tutorial below.)

easy braided heart hairstyle tutorial

Hairstyle #2, The Ruffle Braided Heart

Cute heart ponytail for Valentines day tutorial

ruffled heart hairstyle tutorial

Hairstyle #3, The Lace Braid Heart Ponytail

Valentine's Style, lace braid heart ponytail

Lace braid heart ponytail

Supplies needed to recreate these styles:
  • Topsy Tail (The "topsy tail" shown in our video was purchased online and the brand is "Conair." If you are looking for one, you might try Ebay or Amazon.  I have also seen them at Walgreens and Claire's occasionally.)
  • Medium size elastic for the ponytail & small elastic to help hold the heart in place
  • Ribbon (for hairstyle #2.) The ribbon we used is 1/4 inch and came on a roll in the Walmart craft section for around 50 cents.
  • Bobby pins (optional)

3 Heart Ponytails Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

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Jan 28, 2015

Triangle Braid Or Heart Braid Hairstyle

Triangle or heart lace braid video tutorial, Valentine's day

The intention behind our hair tutorial today didn't originally start out with the idea of a heart hairstyle in mind.  Truth be told, this hairstyle came about without any plan at all! I just started braiding one day, and this is what was created.  But, after the Princess wore this style for the first time a few months ago, we couldn't help but notice that this braided design really resembles a heart shape! So, we decided to save the tutorial for now... since Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  A fun Valentine's Day Hairstyle!

Triangle/heart lace braid

Of course, this half-up ponytail style doesn't have to be just for Valentine's.  This style can be worn as a triangle shape braid for any occasion, really. This would be a cute hairstyle for school, church, recitals, communions, flower girls, etc. 

We chose a regular 3 strand lace braid for our tutorial today, but you could also create this style using a Dutch braid, 4-strand braid, fishtail, etc. if you prefer.

Triangle or heart braid tutorial

As mentioned in our video (below) if you want the design to look more like a braided heart instead of a triangle, you can stretch out the edges of the braid along both sides (at the top) to more fully bring out the heart shape. In the photo below, I stretched the edges of the braids along the top of the arches of the heart, as well as one small spot in the center (along the bottom of the braid) to form more of a definite heart shape. Also, if you want to include all of the hair into a ponytail, you can... or finish it off with a braid at the bottom as shown. It's up to you!   

Cute heart braid hairstyle tutorial for Valentine's Day

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • Hair tie or clip to temporarily keep the braids from unraveling while you work.
  • 1 medium size elastic 
  • Ribbon or other accessory (optional)
  • Pomade, hair spray, etc.  (optional)

Triangle / Heart Braid Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

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Jan 7, 2015

Heart Knot Hairstyle

heart hairstyle tutorial, quick and easy

Our tutorial this week: A cute, easy, and quick half-up heart hairstyle!  This would be a cute hairstyle for Valentine's Day, a flower girl, or for school.

"The Princess" actually was the one who came across this fun heart hairstyle a couple of weeks ago while watching another awesome hairstyling channel called "Bebexo." (You can find Bebexo's original tutorial for this cute style here.)  As she often does, "the princess" recreated this hairstyle on her doll (Daisy) after watching the original video. We both thought the end result was so cute that we wanted to share it... and she volunteered to do the tutorial, so be sure to watch her video below.  She did a great job!  ;)

Of course, we wanted to try this pretty hairstyle out on the princess as well as on her doll (as shown above.)  We are always getting requests for hairstyles that are easy enough to do on yourself, and this one is perfect for that.  The princess actually did this one all on her own! 

heart knot hairstyle for valentines day

Over our past 7 years of hair blogging/vlogging we have posted quite a few heart hairstyles and Valentine's Day hairstyles (we love them.)  Although I think this "heart knot" has to be one of the easiest, quickest, and cutest!  Several of our "older" heart designs can be found at the following link, if you are interested in browsing through them: Heart Hairstyle Ideas

Supplies needed to create this style:
  • 2 small elastics
  • Temporary clip (optional)
  • Pomade or gel (optional)
Heart Knot Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

P.S. The doll she is using in this tutorial came from "My Salon Doll."

Didn't she do a wonderful job, by the way?  We will have to have her film more often!
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Jun 4, 2014

Dutch Braid Rose Hairstyle Tutorial, Flower Girl Hairstyles

Elegant dutch braids with a lovely braided rosette accent!
dutch braid rose hairstyle tutorial

Today's braided hairstyle tutorial is quite fancy and glamorous.... very princess like.  I love hairstyles which incorporate flowers made from hair, especially for summer. I can see this as a perfect flower girl hairstyle for a summer wedding!

If you have spent any amount of time online looking at hairstyles, you have probably come across an  image of a cute little girl wearing this hairstyle (which we have tried to recreate in today's tutorial) it has been floating around on Pinterest, Instagram, Wehearit and Tumblr for several years now. Unfortunately we are unsure of who the original creator is, as it has been shared so many times with no traceable link that we could find.  Over the years, this style has been requested on our Facebook page and in email (time and time again) so we are bringing our recreation to you today!

dutch braid rosette hairstyle tutorial

I think this would be an adorable hairstyle not just for flower girls, but for weddings in general (bridesmaids, wedding guests, maybe even for a bride!) Or a hairstyle for the Prom / Homecoming.  This hair design is dressy and classy, almost vintage looking.  I just love it.
flower girl hairstyle, dutch braid rose

And although the braiding seems fairly intricate at first glance, this design is really not much more than 2 inverse braids.  If you can dutch braid, this should be fairly easy for you to recreate!  In the original hairstyle, the rose was placed a little higher up on the head (& further to the left.)  The Princess wanted the rose placed more towards the back, rather than on top of her head... so we extended the braid on the left side a little bit further than what was shown in the original photo.  Of course, you can place the rose wherever you like it best.  ;)

bridesmaid hairstyle, dutch braid flower

Supplies Needed:
  • 2 small clear elastics
  • Several bobby pins
  • Pomade, hair wax, or gel to help control flyaways (optional)

Dutch Braid Rose Hairstyle Video Tutorial:  Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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