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Braided Heart Headband, Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Heart headband hairstyle for Valentine's Day

Each year since we began blogging (from 2008 - 2015) we have added a few heart hairstyles to our Valentine's Day Hairstyles collection.  Some of our first styles were from before we even started making videos on YouTube and include a "pictorial" instead of video instructions. But, if you are looking for more heart hairstyle ideas or Valentine's styles in general, feel free to visit our blog here.   At last count, we had over 20 different heart styles to choose from!  And, we are not the only ones creating cute Valentine's hairdos, look here to see more fun styles from all around the web. ;)  

Heart headband hairstyle

For our last Valentine's style of this year, we chose a "braided heart headband" which is inspired by a photo we saw on Instagram last February on "chikas_chic" account:   We thought this braided headband was so cute and girly that we had to try and recreate it.  I think this has to be one of our favorite heart hairdos to date!

Heart headband with side ponytail

We chose to finish off our style with a side ponytail the day we filmed our tutorial (we were going out and it was incredibly windy.)  But of course, if you would rather leave your hair mostly down, this hairstyle is super cute worn as just the headband itself. Some added curls or waves would also add a nice romantic touch, if you have some extra time.

Dutch braid headband

We decided on a Dutch braid (or inside out French braid) for the base braid in our headband.  You can make a regular French braid, lace braid (or any other type of braid) if you prefer.

Supplies needed to create this style:
  • 2 small hair elastics
  • hair clip
  • temporary hair ties
  • gel or pomade (optional)
  • topsy tail (optional)
  • bow or other accessory (optional)

Braided Heart Headband Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

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