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3 Heart Ponytails! Valentine's Day Hairstyles

3 heart ponytail hairstyles for valentine's day, video tutorial

Today our Valentine's Hairstyle tutorial features 3 cute heart shaped hairstyles which all start out using the same technique.  The basic concept and idea for these heart ponytails (& the original first ponytail shown in our video) was inspired by an awesome Instagram account called "Ice_Braids."  We loved how simple and cute this ponytail looked when we first saw it, so we had to try it.... and we wanted to add a couple of variations of our own to the mix just for fun.

All three of these heart hairstyles would be cute for Valentine's Day, a flower girl, or any time you want to wear a heart in your hair.  ;)

Hairstyle #1, The Braided Heart Ponytail. (Find step by step instructions for all 3 styles in our video tutorial below.)

easy braided heart hairstyle tutorial

Hairstyle #2, The Ruffle Braided Heart

Cute heart ponytail for Valentines day tutorial

ruffled heart hairstyle tutorial

Hairstyle #3, The Lace Braid Heart Ponytail

Valentine's Style, lace braid heart ponytail

Lace braid heart ponytail

Supplies needed to recreate these styles:
  • Topsy Tail (The "topsy tail" shown in our video was purchased online and the brand is "Conair." If you are looking for one, you might try Ebay or Amazon.  I have also seen them at Walgreens and Claire's occasionally.)
  • Medium size elastic for the ponytail & small elastic to help hold the heart in place
  • Ribbon (for hairstyle #2.) The ribbon we used is 1/4 inch and came on a roll in the Walmart craft section for around 50 cents.
  • Bobby pins (optional)

3 Heart Ponytails Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

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