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DNA Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

DNA Braid Video Tutorial

A unique and fun braided hairstyle.

We haven't had a lot of time to create anything new and different for awhile, so we are excited about this hairstyle! After filming this tutorial, we were still undecided as to what to call this braid.  The Princess's brother told us it looked like a strand of DNA... a double helix to be exact. ;) So, we settled on the name "DNA Braid." Yay for science class!

This unique braid is a combination of lace Dutch braids (or inside out French braids,) feather braids, and a rope braid. If you are familiar with these 3  techniques, this style should be easy for you to learn.

DNA braid ponytail hairstyle tutorial

In our video below, we created the braid using water to create a slick and sleek finish. The Princess was competing in a sporting event the day we filmed this hairstyle, and we didn't want it coming undone.  If you prefer more of a messy or relaxed looking braid, feel free to braid with dry hair instead.  You could also stretch out the edges of the Dutch braids along each side to create a softer look if you prefer things more tousled looking.  And, for a more edgy or "grown up" finish in the front, you could create a hair poof (or pompadour) in the bangs area if you desire.

Braiding tutorial, DNA Braid

This is a great hairstyle for sports: gymnastics, soccer, swimming, cheerleading, dance, etc.  Also a fun and cute hairstyle for school, work, or other occasion.

This braid can actually be used to create many different hairstyles.  We recently did this diagonally across the back of her head and it turned out super cute. As usual, we love to see your recreations and variations on Instagram and Facebook! You can tag us @hair4myprincess and use the hashtag #hair4myprincess so that we can find it. 

Video tutorial, how to create a DNA Braid

Supplies needed to recreate this braid:
  • 2 medium size elastics
  • 2-3 temporary hair ties or clips
  • Water, gel, or pomade (optional)

DNA Braid Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

As mentioned in our video above, the first half of this braid may not look so great.  Do not get discouraged... everything should fix itself and turn out lovely as you complete the second half!

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  1. Its looks awesome and I am going to try this one on my hair for sure. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with latest hairstyles trends.


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