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Summer Hairstyles, Waterfall Ribbon Twist Rainbow Ponytail

 A Colorful Woven Ribbon Design
Waterfall Ribbon Twist Rainbow Ponytail

I think this would be a great hairstyle for spring and summer 2014!  We love ponytails and styles that keep your hair up and out of your face during warm weather. I can picture this hairstyle being worn for many summer activities.  ;)

You may remember seeing the "waterfall ribbon twist braid ponytail" that we posted a few months ago (braided inside a ponytail.)  Today's hairstyle is a variation of the waterfall ribbon twist, created in a rainbow pattern at the top of a ponytail... a homemade colorful ponytail holder!

Waterfall Twist With Ribbon Ponytail

"The Princess" commented that the finished design reminded her of the candy "Skittles" lined up in a vibrant rainbow in her hair.  I have to agree!  Of course... if you don't want to create a rainbow pattern, any color of ribbon would work.  You could use all of the same color, or find combinations that match your outfit for the day.  I think an ombre design would also be awesome!

Waterfall Ribbon Twist Rainbow Hair Design

This style might seem slightly familiar to some of you.  We shared the photo below on our Instagram and Facebook accounts back in March as "the princess" actually wore this style for St. Patrick's Day this year!  We had several requests for a tutorial and wanted to make sure and get it done for you. 

As you can see, this technique should work for wavy hair as well as straight hair.   A little curl or wave adds some cute dimension to the style. 

Rainbow Waterfall Ribbon Twist Ponytail Holder Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
  • 2 small, clear elastics
  • Ribbon, yarn, thread etc.  (We used 6 colors total and the ribbon was cut into 3 ft lengths, 1/4 inch thick.)

Waterfall Twist Ribbon Rainbow Ponytail Video Tutorial: Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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  1. Please teach me how can I make these hairstykes


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