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Aurora Hairstyle Tutorial, Disney's Maleficent

A Beautiful "Tie Back Twist" Hairstyle With Flowers

Aurora Hairstyle Tutorial, Disney's Maleficent

We normally don't have time for more than one hair tutorial each week.  But... when Disney Style asked if we would like to create an Aurora hair tutorial inspired by Maleficent (coming to theatres May 30, 2014)  we could not say no!

"Sleeping Beauty" has always been one of our favorite Disney movies.  And, Aurora is of course one of our favorite Disney Princesses!

Maleficent Hair Tutorial

We both fell in love with this simple and elegant "tie back twist hairstyle" when we saw it.  A slightly messy, wavy, and twisted half-up style with dainty flowers.  Who would not want hair like that?  "The Princess" (how fitting) was super excited to be the model for this one.  ;)

Many of the Disney inspired hairstyles we have done in the past (although beautiful) are not really wearable for an every day look.  This hairstyle however, I can see being worn for many occasions such as; Weddings (brides, flower girls, and guests,) Prom, Homecoming, recitals, church, communions, baptisms, etc.  Minus the flowers, this style could really be worn as an every day style for work, school, or the beach!

Disney Princess Hairstyle Tutorial, Aurora

A side by side of the original hairstyle from Maleficent and our recreation, with the beautiful Elle Fanning on the left (who channels Sleeping Beauty or Aurora in the movie.)

Disney Princess Aurora Hair Tutorial From Maleficent
*Screenshot of the hairstyle taken from Disney's Maleficent - Official Trailer 3. 

Supplies needed to recreate this look:
  • 1 small clear elastic (or similar to the color of hair you are working with.)
  • Several bobby pins.
  • Wavy hair.  We used a "reverse curling wand" made by NuMe to create these waves.  Of course, there are many different ways that waves can be created in your hair.  Use any method you like.  Or if you have naturally wavy hair... you can skip this step! 
  • Baby's breath/wild flowers.  We found the flowers shown in our video tutorial below at our local craft store for just a few dollars.
  • Scissors to cut the flowers. 
Aurora's "Tie Back Twist" Hair Tutorial: Click here to watch the video directly on Disney Style.

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    1. Yeah. We uploaded this one on the Disney Style YouTube channel and our app unfortunately only captures videos on our own hair4myprincess channel.

  2. As youtube is not working in our country..
    Pleasee, pleasee give the link of this video on any other website!
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