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Figure 8 Knot, Hairstyle With Braids

A quick and easy knotted hairstyle.
Figure 8 Knot Hairstyle

Today, our hair tutorial video is showing how to create what we are calling a "figure 8 knot."  You may remember seeing several different knots and knotting techniques incorporated in a few of our hairstyles from the past on this blog, including the pretzel knot (or celtic knot hairstyle.)  This figure 8 knot looks very similar to the celtic knot, but is much easier and quicker to create in my opinion.  In fact, this knot can easily be done (even on yourself) in a matter of seconds.

Figure 8 Knot Hairstyle Tutorial

As shown in the photo above (a close up view of the hairstyle) the shape of this knot resembles a number 8 or infinity sign (hence the name.)  I accidentally formed this knot one day in the Princess's hair as I was tying a different kind of knot.... and added in an extra twist (as shown in our video below.)  I thought it looked pretty cool, so we wanted to share it.  The key to creating this design is opening the knot up and leaving it a little bit loose to show the figure 8 pattern.

Figure 8 Knot With Diagonal Braids

Of course, there are so many hairstyles that can be created using this design.  The Princess has actually worn her hair in many different styles using this knot over the past few months.  Hopefully we will have time to share some of the variations we have done on Instagram and Facebook in the near future. 
triple knot braided hairstyle
In the hairstyle above, we used the same technique shown in our tutorial below, but tripled the knots instead of using one single knot.  So cute and fun!

Supplies needed to create this hairstyle: 
  • 1 elastic to tie the braid off at the bottom.
  • If you are having trouble with flyaways, I would suggest adding some water, gel, wax, or pomade to the strand you are tying the knot in.
Figure 8 Knot Video Tutorial:  Click here to watch the tutorial directly on YouTube.

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