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Layered Woven Braid Tutorial & Updo Hairstyle

A unique woven braid!
layered woven braid
This creative and fun braiding technique was submitted to us a few weeks ago via a viewer who was actually one of the winners of our latest contest! ("HairByRotem" on Instagram) came up with this awesome "layered woven braid" and was unable to do a video tutorial, so she asked if we would film one for her.  Of course, I thought this braid would be a great one to share.  So, huge thanks to @hairbyrotem for the fun tutorial idea today!

half up hairstyle, layered woven braid

As shown in our video below, this braid is sort of a combination of a 4 strand braid, a waterfall braid, a fishtail braid, and a woven braid!

This braid can be worn as a half up hairstyle (as shown in the photos above) or braided into a full ponytail.  When all of the hair is incorporated into the braid (in a full ponytail style) you will see more of a "layered look" similar to a "box braid" being formed. The pictures below are examples this. (credit: hairbyrotem.)

layered woven braid tutorial

layered woven braid video instructions

We also wanted to add our own creative spin using this woven braid, turning it into the base of an elegant updo (shown at the end of our video and in the photos below.) 
Woven Updo Hairstyle tutorial

layered woven braid updo hairstyle

Supplies Needed:
  • One elastic or hair tie
  • Gel, pomade, or damp hair to prevent flyaways
  • 2 elastics and bobby pins (if you are creating the updo.)
Layered Woven Braid Video Tutorial:  Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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  1. I love your version with the soft updo, very elegant, formal :)


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