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Bunches Of Braids Updo Hairstyle Tutorial

A Braided "Messy Bun"
Bunches Of Braides, Bun Hairstyle
Today's hair tutorial shows how to create a cute, quick, and easy braided bun.  This updo is casual enough for every day wear, but could also be worn for special occasions such as Prom, Homecoming, weddings, recitals, etc.  Adding a fancy hair accessory could transform this "messy bun" into something more glamorous and extraordinary.  ;) 
"Bunches Of Braids" Bun Tutorial
I've mentioned before that the Princess and I both love messy buns, chignons, and updos, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort to make such a style with her long hair.  The technique we used to form this bun (which we are calling "bunches of braids") is quite easy, and should work great with long hair, as well as medium length hair.

As you will see in our tutorial below, this hairstyle is like a snowflake (in that it is going to come out a little bit different every time!)  The Princess and I have experimented with this hairstyle several times since filming the tutorial.  Each time the bun has turned out completely different, but equally pretty. You can use your own creativity to place the braids where you want them, forming the perfect bun for you. You can choose to make the bun larger, or more compact, messier, neater, etc. 
Pretty Messy Bun - Bunches Of Braids Updo Tutorial

If you are wanting to wear your hair down, you could create a half up - half down hairstyle by making this bun with a half ponytail instead of a full ponytail. 

Bunches of Braids Updo Video Tutorial:  Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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