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Woven Lattice Pigtails, Princess Hairstyles

A cute hairstyle for girls
Woven lattice pigtails video tutorial
Our hair tutorial this week is a video for one of our favorite (and most popular) hairstyles from the past: woven pigtails. We posted this style (shown below with messy buns) on our website back in 2008, before we started doing YouTube videos. Since that time, we have received many requests for a tutorial... and 6 years later (2014) we are finally getting around to it!  Better late than never, right?  ;)  Can you believe, the Princess was only 5 years old in the pic below?  She is now 11. Crazy how time flies!

woven lattice pigtails with messy buns

This is one of the princess's favorite hairstyles for gymnastics and dance, since all of the hair is pulled back out of her face and it tends to hold up quite well, even with a lot of activity.  Beyond the functionality of this style, of course she also loves the attention she receives when she wears this one (as it is quite unique and eye catching.)

weaving pigtails hairstyle tutorial
Below, is a top view of the style (showing how we did the partings.)  We chose a side part for her "bangs" this time, which seems to be more flattering.  Of course if you prefer, you could do a center part in the front.  Or if you want, you could start the twists up at the front of her hairline and skip parting out the bangs area completely.  Whatever makes you happy!

woven pigtails, partings

pigtails with woven strands
There are a variety of ways this style can be created. As shown below, you could braid the woven strands using rope braids or regular braids instead of just twisting them like we did in the photos above. Or, the stands of hair can be woven without any twisting or braiding at all, but it is more difficult to keep them separated this way and will require you to place a rubber band at the top of each section as well as adding gel or pomade to prevent flyaways. 

The pigtails can be left down, curled, or finished with buns or braids. However you want to wear this hairstyle, it is sure to bring in compliments.  ;)
woven pigtails with rope braids
Supplies needed:
  • 4 medium size hair elastics (more if you are going to be making buns)
  • A temporary clip to help keep the twists in place
  • Water, gel, wax, or pomade (to help with flyaways)

Woven Lattice Pigtails Video Tutorial: Click here to view the video directly on YouTube.

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