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Fishtail Illusion Braid (Mermaid Braid) Hairstyle

A pretty side braid hairstyle
Double Fishtail Braid (Mermaid Braid) Hairstyle

If you look closely at this braid, you might see what looks to be a reverse fishtail or Dutch fishtail running down the middle.  Do you see it?

This braid is a spin off of the "Illusion braid ponytail" which is also known online as a "mermaid braid."  In our tutorial today, we have used fishtail braids (or herringbone braids) to create this look. The original variation (using regular 3 strand braids) can be found here: Illusion Braid Tutorial

Fishtail Illusion Braid (Mermaid Braid)

We're both loving how thick this braid makes her normally "fine" hair look. If you remember seeing the original "Illusion Braid," this style is created by using double braids. And, double braids equals double thickness.  Mermaid hair!  ;)

The strands along the edges of this braid can be pulled, stretched and deconstructed as much or as little as you want.  If you are wanting a clean, crisp, sleek, or perfect looking braid, I would suggest not stretching them at all. If you are going for more of a messy, natural, relaxed or bohemian braid, you will want to stretch the strands out and rough things up a little bit (as shown in our tutorial below.)

Fishtail Illusion Braid (Mermaid Braid) Video Tutorial

Supplies needed:
  • 2 temporary hair ties (for holding the hair while you are working)
  • 1 small clear elastic (or similar to your hair color)
  • Several bobby pins. (If you prefer to not use bobby pins, you could lace the braids together with ribbon, or even a strand of your own hair.) 

Fishtail Illusion Braid/Mermaid Braid Video Tutorial: Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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