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Knotted Half Ponytail Hairstyle

Here's another quick and easy hairstyle that can be made using a Flexi Clip.

Half Ponytail Hair Knot

fancy half ponytail hairstyleThis style literally takes 1 minute to complete! Great for moms, teens, tweens and kids on busy school mornings. I would recommend this hairstyle for long hair or medium length hair.

I think the "hair jewelry" or "flexi clip" gives this hairdo such a pretty, fancy and elegant look. But, if you don't have a flexi clip, you could use a barrette or other accessory to secure the knot. You could even use a regular rubber band if you wanted to.

Here's a quick video tutorial showing how to make the hair knot:

Just a fun, quick and easy way to spice up a regular old half pony.

Oh, and of course... Happy April Fools Day!! Don't worry, I'm not going to try and pull any tricks on you this year. But, if you are in the mood for a silly April Fool's joke, you can check out our post from last year here: April Fools

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  1. Off-topic, but have you seen this? A kid came to school with a fun, silly hairstyle, and her teacher put it on FB to make fun of it.

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