Mar 28, 2011

Survivor Braided Hairstyle

Survivor "Redemption Island" Braided Hairstyle:

On last weeks episode of Survivor: Redemption Island, one of the girls (Andrea Boehlke) had the cutest beachy braided cornrow hairstyle! I have to laugh because team members Andrea, Ashley and Natalie got into a bit of "trouble" with another cast member for playing "beauty pageant" instead of working around camp lol. Apparently it was worth it though because gosh, look how cute these beachy french braids are!
survivor hairstyle andreaI had to snap a picture of our TV right then and there! And of course, we wanted to recreate this hairdo on our princess. Keep in mind, it would be better to be working with dry, slightly wavy hair to create this tousled beach look. The princess had freshly washed/wet/straight hair when we decided to try this one, so it's more slicked down and less messy looking than the survivor camp version.

We started with a regular side part.
Then made 3 cornrow braids on one side of the part....
On the other side of the part, I left out a section in front to braid later and added 2 more cornrows slanting slightly forward. If I did this again, I would probably angle them more sharply towards the front of her head.
Next I started another cornrow with the front section or "bangs" and added in the other 2 cornrows with the braid as I got to them.
I kept braiding, and as I turned the corner, only took hair from the top of the french braid around to the back.
After all of the braiding was complete, I added everything together into a ponytail.
And lastly, made a messy type bun....
messy bunThe finished style...
survivor braided hair styleI should have taken a picture, but the day after we did this- her hair looked more like Andrea's (since the braids had a chance to loosen up and get a little messy overnight.)
redemption island hairstyleA fun braided style for the beach, camping, or anytime. :)
beach braids
cornrow hairstyle survivorThank you Survivor for the hairstyle inspiration! I'm so impressed with the cute braids this season (especially considering the girls have no hair tools to work with.) Who would have thought?