Feb 25, 2011

Woven French Braid Ponytail

French Braiding, Weaving, and Knotting:

This is a fun woven braid ponytail style. I wouldn't say this hairdo is super quick or easy, but definitely unique! An attention getter for sure. :) We haven't had time to do a different hairstyle like this for awhile and had so much fun creating it.

For best results, I would recommend making this hair style with wet hair to help the strands stay smooth while you are braiding the basket weave and tying the knots.

french braiding I realize this looks like there is some seriously intricate french braiding and plaiting going on here, but really... this isn't as hard as it looks.
woven ponytail I could see this hairstyle working for a gymnastics meet, a Renaissance Faire, figure skating, dance competitions, or maybe even school of you have an extra 20-30 minutes in the morning lol.
french plaiting woven
This is basically a combination of several styles:
Here's the video tutorial. Hopefully it makes sense! I had to cut it up a little bit so that it didn't go on and on and on. :) Btw, The design weaver tool we used in this video can be found on Amazon
Of course, let us know how it goes if you try this one. We would love to see your hairstyle pictures on our facebook page!