Mar 4, 2011

Help for Hits?

A Service Project ;)

You may have noticed a pop-up ad as you landed on our site today. And if you did, well.... you just helped us with a project. :)

Our princess heard about a little girl in our community who is very sick with cancer. Of course, this news was upsetting to her and she wanted to help. The princess decided that if she was in the hospital, a bright, colorful, soft, blanket would cheer her up and help to make her feel better.

Over the past few weeks our princess has been busy making this blanket.....
She tied all of these little knots together by herself! She enjoyed doing this so much that she has decided she wants to make more blankets to donate.

I normally don't place pop-up ads on our site because I find them annoying. :) But, we have decided to use this ad as an opportunity to raise some funds for our blanket project.

The details:

Every time someone "hits" this site while the ad is running will earn us a tiny amount of cash. Our goal is to earn enough from this ad to purchase material for 10 more blankets. It's going to take a lot of visitors to reach that goal!

How can you help? Well, if you are here..... THANK YOU you just did! The ad is scheduled to run today, Monday, and next Friday. If you could "donate" a few seconds of your time to visit our page during those days, that would be awesome. If you want to help even more... spread the word! I'll post a link on our facebook page on the days the ad is running as a reminder to visit.

Thanks so much! You've done your "good deed for the day."