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St. Patrick's Day Clover Hairstyle

St. Patty's Day is almost here! We have plans to post some new St Patricks Day hairdo ideas.... I hope we have time to make the tutorials. In the meantime, here's a fun St Patricks Hairstyle from the past:

The clover hairstyle

hairstyles for st. patrick's day We used the same basic technique from this heart hairstyle video, but made 3 "hearts" instead of one. You could even make a 4th "leaf" underneath the ponytail if you wanted to make a 4 leaf clover!

Clovers are supposed to bring good luck, ya know?.

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  1. Once you have the heart down, this would be much easier to pull off the next month. Excellent!

  2. I love doing the 4 leaf clover, we did that last year. Gonna do some different St Patrick's Day styles this year along with the clover.


  3. Sigh -- that is sooooo pretty. I'm jealous. ;)

  4. I wish I could get my daughter to sit still for this There's no wayyyy.

  5. Hi... it´s beautiful... welll all the hair style that you share us it`s...

    I can tell you and your princess HAPPY WOMAN DAY in my blog i make a little card for you... and for all women lovely, and workers and wonderfull...

    Again excuse my english remember that i'm learning jajajaja...


  6. Oh goodness that is so cute! You are so creative :)

  7. That is so pretty. I don't have any girls but I find myself here often. You do such great hairstyles.

  8. Looks lovely. But it should be shamrock, not clover in the title. Clover has nothing to do with Patrick's Day. It's like saying Santa and the moose instead of reindeer :)

  9. Thank you for allowing me to learn from your beautiful hairstyles for girls videos. My daughter has never looked so beautiful .


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