Feb 21, 2011

Curling Iron Ringlets

Making Ringlet Curls Using A Curling Iron

We've had some questions regarding how we curl the princess's hair. And.... how we get the curls to stay in.

We actually use several different methods for curling:

Sometimes we braid her hair into cornrows while it's wet, then take the braids out (after the hair has dried) to make a crimped wavy look.

Sometimes we use our flat iron for waves and spirals. We have a video showing how to do that here: How to curl with a flat iron.

Sometimes we use curlers or rollers. I've found that this method seems to hold the curl the best and longest. And I like that no heat is used during the process, but it is time consuming to roll the hair and wait for it to dry.

Most of the time we use our regular old curling iron to make curls.

All of the curly hairstyles shown below were made using our curling iron with the technique shown in this video: (Which btw was taken before we got her hair cut.)

(Our twisty flower girl hairstyle, our basket weave hairstyle, and our Barbie hairstyle.)
ringlet hairstyle ringlet curls

curly hair making curls with a curling iron
Our own little curly hairstyle gallery! :)

And...Here's our "How To Curl Long Hair With A Curling Iron" video tutorial:

For getting the curls to stay in, I usually spray some hairspray on her hair before and after we curl it.... that's it!? Unfortunately I don't have any huge secrets. I think a lot of it has to do with hair texture. Some hair seems to hold curl well, and some just doesn't. You may try experimenting with different hair products if you're having trouble keeping curls in. And of course, if you have any secrets or suggestions for keeping "hard to curl" hair from falling out, please leave a comment under this post for us. You may help someone out! :)