Jun 4, 2010

Woven Hair Headband

A fun woven headband hairstyle for a little girl or teen!
hairstyles for little girls Start by making a part from ear to ear and 8 small ponytails. 4 in the front, 4 directly behind.
Take the ponytail in the front/left and make 2 twists. Then split the 3rd ponytail from the left (in the front) in half and make 2 more twists with one of the halves. Combine those 4 twists together with the ponytail 2nd from the left in the back. (With another elastic.) Whew! That sounds confusing even though it shouldn't be. :)
Now take the second ponytail from the left, in the front and split it in half. Make 2 twists with one of the halves and weave them both through your first set of twists over to the ponytail in the back/left. Notice that the first woven twist goes under first then over. The second twist goes over first and then under. Just make sure they are woven through opposite ways.
Make 2 twists with the hair in the ponytail in the front/right. Also take the leftover half from the 2nd ponytail in the front and weave it through the twists in the middle. Combine those 4 twists with the ponytail 2nd from the right in the back.

After that you should just have one half of a ponytail left in the front. Twist it up into 2 pieces and weave it over to the back/right ponytail.
This hairdo really isn't as hard as my instructions have made it sound! Plus it held up for 2 days. Love that! If you wanted to braid the pieces instead of twisting them, you could do that too. I think it would look really pretty. I just like the twists because they are quicker for me.
twisted headband
hair headband
woven headband hairstyle I've got another one using this same concept ready to go, only it's much quicker/simpler. I'm hoping to have time to post it next week for you.
Hope you're all having a nice summer!