Jun 7, 2010

Heads Up.... And Some Bad News :(

First of all, I still haven't heard from the winner of our Strawllers Contest. If you entered that one, please go check here to see if it is you!

In other business, I'm so sad. My old computer "died" and I had a whole bunch of hairstyles and videos saved that may not be recoverable. (Not to mention some random pictures of my kids.) I've got a computer guy looking at it, but he's saying it doesn't look good. The worst part is, these were LONG hairstyles. Since we've cut the princess's hair, I can't recreate them even if I wanted to.

Luckily I do have several (as in quite a few) hairdo's saved on my sd cards that hadn't been transferred over to the computer yet. But geesh, it's depressing to lose all the others. I feel worse about losing the pictures than I do about the computer. I guess it's a good lesson for everyone else. Don't have your stuff saved in just one location!

That's my depressing rant for the day! Thanks for listening. ;)