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Quick Twist And Weave

Here's a fun, quick and cute woven hairstyle that will work for those of you sporting a short graduated bob like the princess, or even if you have beautiful, long, flowing locks. :)
weave Start with 4 squares...
Split one of the ponytails in the front into 3 strands and twist each of them separately.
Add to the ponytail on the opposite side, in the back.
Split the other pony in the front into 3 and weave each twisted strand through separately.
Bring each of the 3 strands through going under and over the twists to the other side forming a woven pattern. (You can watch our video at the end of this tutorial if you need it.)
Add some fun hair accessories just for kicks!
Her hair is still wet here. It looked so much cuter when it dried and "fluffed" up a little. :)
quick hairstyle for girls
woven hairstyle
hairdo for girls Here's the step by step hairstyle video tutorial if you prefer to see it in motion:

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  1. This looks so quick (after the initial ponytails, at least). Gorgeous!

  2. I am so glad that you did a video because I did the weave hairstyle you posted the other day and I thought you were crazy ambidextrous. I didn't know you should add a new rubber band when you add the twists to the ponytail. You might want to put that in the instructions. Now I might be willing to try it again. Thanks for all you do. :)

  3. I'm really liking all of these hairstyles that can be done on my princess with short hair. Thank you!

  4. That is great because even people with shorter hair can do the hairstyle.

  5. Love your hairsyles! I have used several of them on my two princesses. I found these cute beaded headbands that are so fun to use. check out

  6. i tried to do twist in my daughters hair but they just wont stay or turn out right any tips


  7. I love your blog. I had my Hubby get me a lap top just so I can have the computer on the counter to look at your site while I do hair. My girls like to pick out the hair style I do so it is fun to scroll through until they find what they want. I also like that you have done mostly photos. It is hard to start the video over again and get it to the right spot while you are holding a bunch of hair in your hands. :) I'm also glad you cut your princesses hair. I cut two of my 4 girls' hair and it is nice to have short hair do's. Thanks for making my day easier. You are awesome.


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