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Strawllers Giveaway Winner

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  1. This is a dumb question, but have you ever tried CurlFormers? Looking at your photos, it looks like the Strawllers might be kinda hard to use, and they're hard, so you can't sleep on them, right? If you haven't, you must try CurlFormers!

  2. Heather, No I haven't tried curlformers. I just haven't wanted to spend the money on them. I've heard they are awesome though and look so easy to use. They may be our next hair purchase! Usually we just braid the princess's hair to curl it or use the curling iron/flat iron.

  3. Curlformers ARE amazing... I also balked at the expense at first, but last Labor Day Sally's had an online coupon for some percentage off, and then another code for free shipping, so I bought the big package of them that way. They are SO worth it! I would keep an eye out for Sally's coupons and give them a shot when you can :)

  4. this is totally off topic but I'm glad you went back to the pink! It's so cute and although I did like the blue, this is much more cheery :)


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